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5 Birthday Party Perks of Celebrating at Machine Guns Vegas

You only get one birthday per year, so you have to take advantage and make it unforgettable. Topping the list of amazing birthday party ideas in Las Vegas is Machine Guns Vegas and our variety of gun packages. Imagine the excitement of shooting off some of the world’s most vicious and wild firearms in the […]

Explore Fun Activities at MGV During Las Vegas Market Convention Weekend

If you’re going to attend the huge Market Convention weekend, you’ll have to carve out some extra time to treat yourself to some fun activities in Las Vegas. All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy, so why not inject some excitement in your big weekend by shooting off some powerful firearms? You could […]

5 Little Known Facts About the Desert Eagle 50 Cal

There’s a lot of mythology surrounding the Desert Eagle .50 Cal. Serving as the long-time favorite firearm of action heros and villains alike, the Desert Eagle has that special something. Find out what all the fuss is about by shooting a Desert Eagle 50 Cal. The Desert Eagle Uses Bigger Bullets Than Some Assault Rifles […]

The Top 5 Things to Do in Vegas During the Day

Visiting Las Vegas can be one of the most exciting and wild adventures in America. You don’t want to just show up without a plan and end up wandering the Strip aimlessly, so here are some ideas to help you plan your visit: Visit the Incredible Lobbies One of the best things to do in […]
grand canyon views

The Best Outdoor Tourist Attractions Near Las Vegas

Las Vegas is more than just casinos and the Strip. It’s actually located in a gorgeous part of the US with tons of amazing natural scenery. Don’t ruin your Vegas vacation by getting cooped up indoors the whole time—explore the great outdoors. The Grand Canyon On the top 5 of every list of natural US […]