Go Kart Racing


Take a trip to the best Las Vegas shooting range, where you get to fire the UZI and the Glock 17. Then move on to indoor kart racing Las Vegas at Pole Position, where you get two 10-minute races for 2 hours of fun. Challenge your friends to a race and a duel in the same day.



What's Included?


Your MGV shoot includes:


Racing the fastest go karts in the country and shooting the wildest machine guns in the country: How does that sound for a Vegas weekend? That fantasy can become a reality, with MGV’s indoor kart racing Las Vegas package.

Warm up your hands by grabbing the wheel of a nifty go kart at Pole Position Raceway. Challenge your friends to a race! These two ten minute races are an adrenaline rush, and a perfect preface for the big event: Machine Guns Vegas.

Once you step inside the doors of MGV, the best Las Vegas shooting range, you’ll know that you’re in the right place. You will be met by the curious gaze of the Gun Girls. They’ll be hanging around to see what you’re made of while you’re at MGV. You’ll also get paired up with a safety expert who will attend you throughout your stay.

This won’t be a typical shooting range experience either. You get to curl your hands around the UZI and the Glock 17. If you’re an action movie lover or a gamer, you’ll know that those are the kinds of guns you see on television, and rarely anywhere else. Here’s your chance to shoot the guns you’re friends will never believe you’ve gripped.


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