Health Benefits of Indoor Firing Ranges

Las Vegas Firing Range

Many gun enthusiasts enjoy Machine Gun Vegas’ indoor firing range for the safety it offers for firearms use. But did you know that a gun range can have potential health benefits? In addition to honing your gun skills, using our indoor firing range can help promote four physical benefits.

1. Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is something we need daily, as we reach for objects. Aiming firearms to hit targets in the firing lane is a refined hand-eye coordination activity. Gun owners tend to get more accurate the more they shoot; evolving hand-eye coordination can be one reason why.

2. Release of Adrenaline

The exhilaration of gunfire sends adrenaline into the blood. It’s what causes the rush of energy you feel as you fire. Adrenaline makes the liver turn glycogen into glucose, the body’s main fuel. If your muscles feel more invigorated after a trip our Las Vegas firing range, this could be why.

3. Helps Good Posture

Maintaining a firing position in a gun lane requires core body strength for proper posture. This same posture — with the shoulders pulled back until the back is straight — is the ideal posture for standing and walking. You can practice firing and improving your posture simultaneously.

4. Promotes Good Sight

Many of us spend hours a day staring at computer screens from close distance. Mayo Clinic cites this type of viewing as a risk factor for nearsightedness. Balancing up-close viewing with viewing objects farther away, such as targets at our Las Vegas firing range, may reduce the risk.


Going to a gun firing range isn’t an official health treatment, but it can promote physical benefits that are valuable for everyday living. It’s just one more reason why you can feel good about having a great time at our luxurious Las Vegas firing range. Visit Machine Guns Vegas today!





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