Shoot 25 Rounds On The RPD! Select date below!

Shoot 25 Rounds On The RPD! Select date below!

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Machine Gun Shooting Range

Bored because you’ve been there, done that in Vegas? Visit our machine gun shooting range to pop off rounds from a Soviet-era RPD, the precursor of most Eastern-Bloc squad served automatic weapons. Our RPD shooting experience can be added to any of our packages. Shoot 25 rounds of automatic-fired fun at our state-of-the-art gun shooting range.

History of the RPD

The RPD entered service during the closing days of World War II, but it would take almost a decade before it would have widespread use among first-tier soviet units.

Chambered for the 7.62x39mm round that would remain popular with the later advent of the AK style rifles, the RPD provides plenty of power, while allowing more cartridges to be carried by troops than its predecessor, the DP machine gun, which was chambered for the longer 7.62x54mmR rounds.

Eventually supplanting the RPK, the RPD remained popular through the Vietnam War, multiple Middle Eastern conflicts, and is even used today by units in Asia and Africa.

Experience Details

Our RPK is a fully automatic machine gun capable of firing 650-750 rounds per minute. Our machine gun shooting range lets you put the weapon to the test, giving you a shooting experience that matches what you’ve seen in some of the most popular action movies and video games. Not just another Hollywood shooting range gun, this weapon is inextricably joined to conflicts around the world. This is a chance to fire a piece of history you shouldn’t pass up.

Add this gun to any MGV package, or shoot it individually. Shoot 25 rounds on the RPD. Book your machine gun shooting range adventure with Machine Guns Vegas!


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Transportation is subject to availability online and is only offered on orders over $80.


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