Ultimate Go Kart Racing


Begin your 2 ½ hour adventure with indoor go kart racing in Las Vegas. At Pole Position you’ll take the wheel for three 10-minute races where you can challenge your friends on the track. This package lets you shoot the MP5, the ACR, and the Glock 17 to close out an unforgettable gun range and kart package in Las Vegas.



What's Included?


Your MGV shoot includes:

Three 10-minute races

Around 2-1/2 hours


Got the competitive edge? As all true competitors know, you can’t just compete at a single event. You gotta make a day of it, challenging foes in many different ways. If this sounds exciting, MGV’s gun range and kart package in Las Vegas is perfect for you.

To begin the competition, you’ll go to Pole Position raceway where you pick your go kart and strap in for 3 indoor races. Indoor go kart racing in Las Vegas has never been so wild, as Pole Position boasts the fastest go karts in the country. What else would you expect out of Vegas?  

If you’re thirsting for more competition after the go kart races, it’s your lucky day: You get to dig in your heels at Machine Guns Vegas. See the target, feel the target, hit the target. You won’t be shooting the usual guns you might expect, either. You get to handle the MP5, the ACR, and the Glock 17. How often do you get to fire off that kind of machinery?

When it comes to safety, MGV has you covered. Each shooter is assigned a gun safety expert who will ensure that you follow all the safety guidelines, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.


Savings breakdown:
Regular price: $280.00
Bundle deal: $250.00
SAVINGS: $30.00