Combat Rescue Skydive Vegas Indoor Skydive


If you crave epic, adrenaline-inducing activities, this indoor skydiving/machine gun bundle deal is for you.


Beretta M9

What's Included?


Your MGV shoot includes:


If you crave epic, adrenaline-inducing activities, this skydiving package is for you. Start your experience at the Vegas Indoor Skydiving facility, soaring through the air as a 1,000 horsepower engine keeps you aloft. Then, head over to Machine Guns Vegas, where you’ll get a chance to shoot epic guns, like the MP5 submachine gun.

The Dive

Skydiving is the paramount adventure for any thrill-seeker. The ultimate test of courage and nerve, experience the single flight jump at Vegas Indoor Skydiving. They’ll prepare you with training, equipment, and three minutes of flight time in the tunnel. You’ll be floating and free falling in a tunnel surrounded by winds blowing up to 120 mph. Plus, you’ll have professional video recording of the event to take home.

The Guns

Shooting a pistol is a heart-pumping experience, but shooting a submachine gun and a semi-automatic rifle takes you to the next level. You’ll get to shoot the MP5, one of the most popular submachine guns in the world and the mainstay of SWAT and the British SAS (Special Air Service). Experience the true strength of automatic firepower!

You can enjoy this action-filled package over two days or experience it all in one day.

Book this skydiving package today for one of the most exhilarating experiences in Las Vegas! If you’re looking for a little more firepower, check out the Ultimate Vegas Indoor Skydiving package.


Savings Breakdown:
Regular Retail Price: $215.00
Bundle Deal: $199.00
SAVINGS: $16.00