Machine Guns Vegas Articles by Esther C

Why Do Gun Ranges Make a Great Vegas Bachelor Party?

Are you about to make one of the biggest commitments of your life?  Before you take the plunge, you’re entitled to some fun. And what better way to wreak havoc than by visiting a gun range in Las Vegas with the lads? What Makes Las Vegas Gun Ranges Great Bachelor Parties? Throwing a bachelor party […]

4 Long-Range Shooting Tips To Improve Accuracy

From spears to longbows to rifles, people have been aiming for (and hitting) long-range targets since the dawn of humanity. It’s no easy task though, and modern weaponry and gadgets like the best 6.5 creedmoor scope has gotten sophisticated enough that it’s even more mind boggling. The thing to remember is that shooting over long […]

Health Benefits of Indoor Firing Ranges

A trip to Vegas without dropping by Machine Guns Vegas’ indoor firing range is hardly a trip at all if you’re a gun enthusiast that is. Many find themselves loving the safety MGV offers for firearms use. But did you know that firing at an indoor gun range actually has potential health benefits? So yes, […]