Femme Fatale Experience $110

The Femme Fatale Experience

Ladies, we promise to give you the experience of a lifetime—and we know that once you pick up your first big-girl gun, you won’t want to put it down. This package includes the: Glock 17, MP5 & the Pink M4.

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Ladies, we promise to give you the experience of a lifetime—and we know that once you pick up your first big-girl gun, you won’t want to put it down. This package includes the: Glock 17, MP5 & the Pink M4.

Experience Details

Ladies, are you feeling a little power hungry? Do you want to show the men in your life who’s boss? You don’t have to tell MGV—we already know who runs the world. Whether you’re interested in gaining a little confidence, or you want to show ‘em how it’s done, stop by Machine Guns Vegas when you’re in town. With our Femme Fatale Shooting Range Experience, you’ll be able to experience brain-rattling, pulse-pounding exhilaration. We’re confident that you’ll be more of a badass than you ever expected!

First Timer? That’s Okay
Whether you’re a pro or first-time shooter, we have an experience for you at Machine Guns Vegas. Our indoor shooting range is unlike any other, combining impeccable safety measures with a one-of-a-kind repertoire of infamous firearms that you won’t see anywhere else. To make sure that every individual who walks into our facility is safe and sound, we keep a one-on-one safety officer on hand for every individual in the range.

The Firearms of the Femme Fatale Shooting Range Experience
With our Femme Fatale Shooting Range Experience, you’ll get equipped with some real firepower. Your package includes the Glock 17, MP5, and the Pink M4.

Still Haven’t Had Enough? Extend Your Package!
At Machine Guns Vegas, we promise to give you the experience of a lifetime—and we know that once you pick up your first big-girl gun, you won’t want to put it down. While you can always come back for another go at our Femme Fatale Shooting Range Experience, we don’t want you to have to hold off for another day.

If you still haven’t had enough after our standard Femme Fatale shooting experience, take it up a notch. For an extra $54.95 you can add on the AK-47. With this iconic weapon, you can finish off your night with a bang.

Make Your Reservation Today!
If you make your reservation for our Femme Fatale Shooting Range Experience today, you’ll receive free transportation to and from our facility, which is located right next to the Strip. Chat with us at +1 (800) 757-4668, or email us your reservation at reservations@mgvegas.com.


I have never shot a gun. Is the Femme Fatale package fine for beginners?

Absolutely! All of the guns in this package are easy to shoot and have limited recoil.

What guns are included in the Femme Fatale experience?

You’ll be able to shoot the M4, MP5, and the Glock 17. Plus, add on the AK-47 for $54.95

What is the duration of the Femme Fatale experience?

The Femme Fatale package is about 40 minutes, but we suggest allocating an hour of your time to MGV.

Can I get transportation?

Free transportation automatically comes with this package to and from MGV, as long as you have a reservation.


  1. Cynthia D.


    This was one of my favourite excursions I’ve done whilst in Vegas…and I’ve been 9 times!
    Everything ran really smoothly…from the hotel pick up until we were dropped back off again.
    We visited from the uk so had no experience handling guns, but all the staff were great at putting me at ease and making sure I enjoyed the experience(this was a gift for my BF…so not normally my idea of fun).
    I can’t believe how much I enjoyed the gun shooting part…I would definitely do this again!

  2. Jenna A.


    This a great package for the first time, I had never seen or touched any gun. Our handler, Cooper, was amazing!!! He explained how to hold, aim and stand with each gun and how to pull trigger to get the best value of the ammunition and time!! I’m hooked now and would go back here next time we are in Vegas!

  3. Jamie Rodriguez


    This was part of my wife’s 40th B-Day package!!!! She loved it!

  4. Maria Diacoyannis


    We visited from Australia and had no experience handling guns, thanks to Cooper who coached us through the experience and making it something we will always remember and a definite highlight of our Vegas trip. Highly recommend it!!

  5. Shen Huawei


    A fascinated experience of my US tour, we’ve handed real fire arms in a safe and professional environment.
    Thank you Cooper!!! Thank you Machine Guns Vegas!!!

  6. Chanelle Quinones


    What an exhilarating experience! Each family member got a package. None of the girls have handled a gun before, and Cooper was the best in every way! He was very thorough in his safety and gun handling instruction, and he made sure my girls were comfortable and confident while they were shooting. Thank you for such a memorable experience for our family. I am definitely telling everyone to stop by to see you guys!

  7. Nicola


    We visited during our trip to Vegas from the UK, so no experience of gun handling. I was nervous to even hold a gun but our instructor, Ed, was absolutely amazing. Made me feel safe and at ease, instructions were clear and I was able to enjoy the whole experience. Would recommend this package for any first time shooters.

    Jared was also very nice, answered all of our questions whilst we waited for a cab back to the hotel (which is complimentary!).

    All in all, a great experience, great staff so we will definitley be coming again on our next trip.

  8. A. Tyson


    I went with two of my girlfriends, and we had a blast. John, our shuttle driver was knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone at MGV is amazing. This was my first time holding a gun, and Chris our instructor went over all the safety tips with us. He talked us through the entire experience. If you are going to Las Vegas, this is a MUST.

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