Colt Commando 9mm

Colt Commando

Shoot the 9mm Colt Commando rifle at Machine Guns Vegas!

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The Colt Commando is a favorite among military and law enforcement professionals. Easy to conceal, lightweight, and easy to aim, the Colt is the ultimate gun for the beginner or seasoned shooter. Despite being one of the most dangerous guns on the market, the Colt Commando is perfectly safe to fire at Machine Guns Vegas. You’ll be accompanied by an experienced safety expert throughout your shooting day.

Shooting Dangerous Guns the Safe Way

Among the gun ranges in Vegas, there’s only one where you can shoot a range of machine guns like the Colt Commando. Machine Guns Vegas pairs you with a safety expert to help set your mind at ease, and then there’s our Gun Girls. Finally, a group of women who have as much enthusiasm for firearms as you do.

Why the Colt Commando Rocks

The ultimate close-quarters firearm, the Colt Commando is a closed bolt, blowback-operated rifle. Celebrate your birthday, job promotion, or even your divorce at one of the premier gun ranges in Vegas. Don’t settle for a conventional Vegas weekend when you can feel the thrill and power of shooting machine guns with your best friends and our Gun Girls.