Las Vegas Machine Gun Experience

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Las Vegas Machine Gun Experience

Machine Guns Vegas offers several different Las Vegas gun range packages. Learn more about each one to find the perfect experience for you.

The SEAL Team 6 Experience
See what it’s really like to be a member of one of the most famous special operations and combat units in the world. This package includes shooting a M249 SAW, M4, Tactical Shotgun, and SIG P226.

The SAS Experience
SAS stands for the U.K.’s elite Special Air Services special forces team. In this package you will have the chance to fire the same guns used by the SAS including the MP5, Sniper Rifle, Glock 17, and SCAR.

The Gamers’ Experience
Have you hit a plateau in your favorite first-person shooter game, such as Call of Duty™, Medal of Honor™, or Battlefield™, and want to take it to the next level? Fire the real versions of the guns you use in these games including the AK-47, MP5, M4, and Glock 17.

Urban Assault Experience
Work your way through a variety of firearms in one of the most fun gun range packages you’ll find. This special experience features the Full Auto Glock, shotgun, Colt Commando, and MP5.

The 3 Gun Experience
This package allows you to choose any three guns to fire, including the AK-47, Full Auto Glock, 1911, Tactical shotgun, and more!

The Compound Experience
This package features our largest variety of guns. Experience the M60, 1919, M249 SAW, FM9, Saiga, Noisy Cricket, Draco, MP5, & the DE .50 AE, and, choose to add on more rounds if you find a favorite!

The Femme Fatale Experience
This one is for the ladies! Get your hands on the easy to use Pink M4, MP5, and Glock 17. Choose to add on the M249 SAW for even more empowerment.

The Full Auto Experience
With six full auto firearms, plus private use of our luxurious VIP lounge and range, this is one of the most exclusive Las Vegas gun range packages you’ll find!

The Kids’ Experience
If you’re bringing the whole family to Vegas, opt for our safe and fun kids’ add-on package. Under the guidance of our Range Instructors, your kids will become experienced with a Beretta and the M4.

Outdoor Shoot
All of our Las Vegas shooting packages offer a great experience, but our outdoor package truly takes the cake. In the heart of the Mojave Desert you will be able to fire our M203 Grenade Launcher, Remington Sniper Rifle, and more!

Browse each experience for even more details and book your reservation today!

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