Urban Assault


Take control of the room with your Urban Assault Experience! With a variety of fully automatic guns, shotguns and handgun to work your way through, it’s hard not to be the center of attention. Start by firing a Full Auto MP5, Full Auto Colt Commando, the popular handgun Glock, which you’ll use to annihilate your targets, and finish making a statement with our 12 gauge shotgun. All eyes are sure to be on you once you dominate these weapons.


MP5 with 10 rounds
colt commando with 10 rounds

What's Included?


Your MGV shoot includes:

No, you can not share this package but we do have 1 shared package called the Bonnie and Clyde

The minimum age to shoot is 10 years of age. Ultimately, it is up to the judgment of the range safety officer. Height, weight, and maturity level are all factors.

Yes! Please bring government-issued photo identification, such as a passport.

Each purchase is non-refundable. HOWEVER, you may use it as a credit toward a future shoot if you need to cancel.

We don’t have a dress code but we do recommend covering your arms, feet and shoulders.

Yes. Friends and family will be charged an observation fee of $20 for eyes and ears protection.

A round is 1 bullet.

No problem! As one of the best gun ranges in Las Vegas, our expert staff will tell you everything you need to know and expect when you shoot for the first time. They will be with you every step of the way.


Urban warfare? Firefights in buildings? Buildings blowing up in your wake? Sounds like the stuff of a video game, for sure. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a fighter in an urban war zone, Machine Guns Vegas has just the thing for you. Our Urban Assault package is guaranteed to make your next Vegas experience one to remember. Grab a hold of four of our most popular guns (with the option to add more!) with our urban assault shooting package.

One Incredible Arsenal

The Machine Guns Vegas armory is enough to make a warlord drool, but all you need to do to get inside the cage is show up with your reservation. Our Vegas Gun Girls know how to handle danger—and in their capable hands, you’ll be firing some of the most famous weapons on the planet. Pack a huge punch with the Glock 17, then really tear your target to shreds with our Tactical Shotgun, Colt Commando and MP5 submachine guns. This is one of the shooting packages in Las Vegas that won’t be a secret for long, so act quick to reserve your spot.

All of our weapons are cleaned and maintained by highly trained staff, and all shooting in our ranges is overseen by our expert range masters. Our urban assault shooting package is designed to give everyone a feel for our weapons.

Other shooting packages in Las Vegas can’t compare to Urban Assault. Combined with our arsenal of automatic weapons, this shooting adventure is a feast for the senses.

Real, Real Firepower

For truly experienced shooters, four automatics might not be enough. That’s why our urban assault shooting package gives you the option to add a host of other guns. Add the M249 SAW to get a feel of a true machine gun, or add the AK-47 to handle a classic weapon. You can also add the Desert Eagle to shoot .50 bullets that could punch holes through concrete walls.

For those who really want to unload some mayhem at our shooting range, our Urban Assault package is ideal.

The Urban Assault Experience lets you shoot the Glock 17, the Tactical Shotgun, the Colt Commando, and the MP5.

  • Shoot 10 rounds with the Heckler & Koch MP5
  • Shoot 10 rounds with the Colt Commando
  • Shoot 5 rounds with the Tactical Shotgun
  • Shoot 5 rounds with the Glock 17