Dune Buggy Experience


Start off a four hour excursion with a dune buggy adventure in Las Vegas. Take off buggying through the sand solo or in a double-seater with a friend. Then head back to base, where you’ll try your hand at two classics at one of the hottest indoor gun ranges in Las Vegas: the Glock 17 and the Colt Commando.



What's Included?


Your MGV shoot includes:

Yes, but it does not need to be issued in the U.S.

Yes, for an additional charge

All together, both attractions around 3 hours

No, you can choose to schedule for separate days


Machine Guns Vegas is one of the best gun ranges in Las Vegas, and we defy you to name any gun range in America that lets you choose from such a wide and utterly badass arsenal of exotic weapons. Our lux lounge atmosphere and peerless service make us the smartest choice in gun ranges. Since we understand that there’s a lot to do in Vegas, we’ve decided to up the adrenaline even further with Machine Gun Vegas partner packages.

The Dune Buggy Experience

If you want to feel the desert heat, kick up a little dust, and get rowdy before you head back to the range. Our Sand and Shoot partner package is just what you need. Enjoy a wild dune buggy adventure in Las Vegas across over 15,000 acres of desert terrain. Take your dune buggy over hills, valleys, and even dry creek beds. After you’re done with the dune buggy, it’s on to the main event.

Shoot the Colt Commando

The Dune Buggy bundle deal  lets you handle two of our most popular weapons: the Glock 17 and the Colt Commando. Glock manufactures some of the most popular handguns in the country, and you can see them in use by real and fictional law enforcement anywhere you look. If you’ve never fired a gun before, you can’t do better than with the Glock 17.

The second gun is the Colt Commando. The Commando is a submachine gun, a fully automatic rifle used in the field by professional military and law enforcement that’s prized for its firepower and maneuverability. This isn’t the kind of weapon you come by casually. Most indoor gun ranges in Vegas can only dream of giving you this kind of weaponry. To them, firing the Colt Commando is one of the best days of their life. For you, it’s called “Tuesday.”

Vegas the MGV Way

Let us show you how we do Vegas. We guarantee you a time to remember and a departure from the usual Las Vegas routine. Our indoor gun range—one of the finest gun ranges in Las Vegas—sports a high-end nightclub atmosphere, complete with a VIP lounge, Vegas Gun Girls who clean and maintain all of our weaponry, and, of course, trained gun safety experts on-site at all times. Our main attraction is the arsenal. You simply won’t find a wider range of weapons.

Our bundle deals are here to make sure you enjoy all of the extreme activities Vegas has to offer.

Savings breakdown:
Regular retail price: $356.00
Bundle deal: $323.00
SAVINGS: $33.00