Just Divorced Experience


This Las Vegas shooting experience for women is the only way to celebrate your freedom from the ball and chain. Start with a VIP upgrade to private shooting rooms where you can make your peace by wielding the power of the 1919 and the MP5 or pink M4.



What's Included?


Your MGV shoot includes:

No, you can not share this package but we do have 1 shared package called the Bonnie and Clyde

The minimum age to shoot is 10 years of age. Ultimately, it is up to the judgment of the range safety officer. Height, weight, and maturity level are all factors.

Yes! Please bring government-issued photo identification, such as a passport.

Each purchase is non-refundable. HOWEVER, you may use it as a credit toward a future shoot if you need to cancel.

We don’t have a dress code but we do recommend covering your arms, feet and shoulders.

Yes. Friends and family will be charged an observation fee of $20 for eyes and ears protection.

A round is 1 bullet.

No problem! As one of the best gun ranges in Las Vegas, our expert staff will tell you everything you need to know and expect when you shoot for the first time. They will be with you every step of the way.


Just Divorced

Sometimes, the best way to get over a loss is to celebrate it. Other times, it’s best to tear it apart and start over. With Machine Guns Vegas’ “Just Divorced” Las Vegas shooting experience, we proudly offer a little bit of both. Treat yourself and four friends to some private, quality time with some of the most ferocious weaponry around. Vent your frustration and celebrate your newfound independence with the help of our custom pink M4 assault rifle.

Best of all, what you shoot at is entirely up the you. In this Las Vegas shooting experience for women, we let you shoot at any wedding memorabilia you wouldn’t mind putting a few holes through. Think that rented tux would look better under fire? So do we.

A Gun Fit for a Divorcee

If it absolutely, positively needs to get blown to hell in one go, nothing screams “fit for the job” like the 1919 mounted belt-fed machine gun. Hell hath no fury, they say, so why not grab ahold of a weapon equal to that wrath? With the “Just Divorced” Las Vegas shooting experience, we provide you and your guests with a truly formidable arsenal to use for target practice on your marriage certificate, wedding photos, and anything else you want to use for target practice.

In addition to the 1919 Machine Gun, the “Just Divorced” package features the option of two of our most popular weapons: the MP5 and the M4, in a special custom pink, exclusive to this Las Vegas shooting experience. Who says pink can’t make you feel powerful? Tear up our VIP shooting lane with a pink automatic rifle and see who says otherwise.

Make it a Truly Special Day

No Las Vegas shooting experience for women would be complete without a bit of the VIP treatment. With this package, we offer all the special little things that your ex-hubby never did. The “Just Divorced” package includes a complimentary upgrade to our private shooting lanes and lounge, so you and your guests can celebrate and unwind in luxury.

At MGV, we provide everything you need to enjoy a day at a shooting range: weapons, ammunition, hearing and eye protection, and instruction from some of the most experienced gun safety experts in the country. But while any gun range will put some cans on your ears and teach you how to point a gun downrange, at MGV, that’s just the beginning. Our custom packages like the “Just Divorced” package provide an unparalleled Las Vegas shooting experience through our selection of epic weapons, our Vegas-style VIP amenities, and our MGV Gun Girls, who clean and maintain our arsenal. Machine Guns Vegas is a must for any Las Vegas experience, so come get in on the action!

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