M249 SAW St. Paddy's Day Special!


Shoot 40 rounds on the M249 SAW Belt-Fed Machine Gun for only $89 at Machine Guns Vegas this Paddy’s day!


M249 SAW

What's Included?


Your MGV shoot includes:

No, you can not share this package but we do have 1 shared package called the Bonnie and Clyde

The minimum age to shoot is 10 years of age. Ultimately, it is up to the judgment of the range safety officer. Height, weight, and maturity level are all factors.

Yes! Please bring government-issued photo identification, such as a passport.

Each purchase is non-refundable. HOWEVER, you may use it as a credit toward a future shoot if you need to cancel.

We don’t have a dress code but we do recommend covering your arms, feet and shoulders.

Yes. Friends and family will be charged an observation fee of $20 for eyes and ears protection.

A round is 1 bullet.

No problem! As one of the best gun ranges in Las Vegas, our expert staff will tell you everything you need to know and expect when you shoot for the first time. They will be with you every step of the way.


As a lightweight machine gun, the M249 SAW is the perfect introduction to what Machine Guns Vegas has to offer. More than a place to shoot handguns at the same target, our Las Vegas machine gun range offers an exciting and unique experience. From the second you meet the Gun Girls who assist you every step of the way to shooting some of the world’s most popular firearms, you’ll be thrilled that you came to MGV.

The M249 SAW is popularly used by the U.S. Armed Forces and Her Majesty’s Special Air Service, which makes it great for a patriotic-themed experiences and packages. It’s also one of the many fully automatic guns available at our Las Vegas machine gun range. This lets automatic rifle enthusiasts have a full experience or, due to the M249’s relatively light weight, use it as a step towards firing heavier machine guns.

For those who like a little history behind their shooting experience, this gun was first used in 1984 and has seen combat use in the Persian Gulf War, Afghanistan, and the Iraq War. It’s been used in a wide range of films, including G.I. Joe, Transformers, and A Good Day to Die Hard, and has been digitized for use in video games in the Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, and Battlefield series. Come to Machine Guns Vegas and see for yourself what the M249 SAW can do.