Shoot the belt-fed M60 machine gun, (The Pig), at Machine Guns Vegas!

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Shoot at the Best Machine Gun Range in Las Vegas

When you visit Las Vegas, you’re probably searching for a thrill. Don’t leave Sin City without trying your hand at shooting some of the biggest and most powerful guns available. One of our favorites, the M60, lets you tear up the shooting range with massive 7.62 mm bullets. Stand your ground at our machine gun range in Las Vegas and fire 10 rounds a second, as shell casings rain to the ground around you!


The M60, also known as, “The PIG”, is the official United States Machine Gun. It’s a belt-fed gun that can be used with a number of ammunition types. Approved for use with tracer, ball, and armor piercing rounds, this gun is the definition of intimidating! Since 1957, the M60 has been in use within every branch of the United States military, and it’s still used by various segments of the armed forces today.

Safety is Essential

This gun is available to fire on its own or as a part of experiences like The Compound, the 599 Outdoor Package, and the 1100 Outdoor Package. No matter what experience you choose, at our machine gun range, we supply you with a personal instructor who gives experienced guidance throughout your time with us. You can also turn to any of our gorgeous Gun Girls for additional tips.

When you’re ready for the experience of a lifetime, book a day with Machine Guns Vegas and shoot the M60 at the top machine gun range in Las Vegas!