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At Machine Guns Vegas, we like to keep things hot and fiery. Our newest addition to our arsenal is the MPX submachine gun. Awarded Best New Rifle of 2014, it is a newer built version of the very popular MP5 while also consisting of attractive features and functioning elements of the also very popular AR-15. The MPX looks great, shoots great and feels great!

The Most Powerful Celebrations Involve Gunfire

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a raise at your job, or even a divorce, you and your best friends can feel the thrill of lighting up the range with one of the newest most powerful submachine guns made. Punctuate your celebration party with an unforgettable trip to the best shooting range in Las Vegas to discover why travelers from all over the world come to Machine Guns Vegas for quality, safe and exciting Vegas experience.

Share the Thrill with the Gun Girls

A visit to the gun range should be a social experience, not a solitary outing. Machine Guns Vegas will put a MPX in your hands and surround you with our gorgeous Gun Girls, who are there to help you and eager to share in your excitement. Join us for an unforgettable trip!


Whether you like big rifles or small handguns, Machine Guns Vegas brings you the ultimate shooting adventure with our versatile selection, expert instructors, and multiple range options. Dial-up your shooting range fun to the max, and try firing the incredible Sig MPX. The MPX is a gas-operated submachine gun made by Sig Sauer and is chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum. 

The MPX is a gas-operated gun that features a closed, rotating bolt. This is fairly rare in submachine guns and is made to ensure the safety of the shooter and to produce more reliability. This gun was designed in 2013 and finally released to the public in 2015. Sig included a short-stroke pushrod gas system in order to reduce the felt recoil and to better improve the overall reliability of the firearm. It was designed in this way in order to prevent debris such as dirt or water from entering the chamber and causing problems, as well as being able to use a suppressor much easier. The selector switch is ambidextrous for switching to fully automatic and semi-automatic. The bolt catch is also ambidextrous, with a free-floating barrel and the entire thing is surrounded by a steel Picatinny rail mounts. The charging handle is based on the designs of the AR15 and ensures that the cocking does not interfere with any optics that may be mounted on the gun. 

The MPX is a relatively newer gun, but can still be found in pop culture sources and the media. It makes appearances in films such as Logan, Bright, and Venom, as well as being one of the biggest guns featured in John Wick 3. It has also been on a few tv shows, such as The Punisher, Gotham, Shooter, and NCIS. Video games include The Division, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Pay Day, Fortnite and Rainbow Six. The gun is continually getting more and more popular, especially in its civilian variants with competitive sport shooters. 

Shooting the MPX is a very excellent experience. The gun is smooth shooting and functions flawlessly. Being a firearm designed for professional use and competitive shooting, it is a very quick and well-designed gun, perfect for getting the job done. It is very similar to the popular AR15 in its design and operation, making it very familiar with most American shooters. The gun separates into a lower and an upper, and all of the controls are located in the same locations. It will field strip almost exactly like a regular AR15, except the bolt carrier group. It has no buffer tube since recoil is handled by captured springs above the bolt group. 

If you want to shoot one of the best 9mm guns on the market today, you will not go wrong with the Sig MPX. Here at Machine Guns Vegas, we have everything you will need to go and shoot the MPX and enjoy your time while doing so. Step up your shooting game today by firing the MPX today and see for yourself what makes it so great.