Noisy Cricket

Shoot the “Noisy Cricket” – a modified, fully-automatic M4 at Machine Guns Vegas!

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This one is a real Machine Guns Vegas specialty designed to give our MGV customers a one of a kind thrill. This modified M4 full automatic is dubbed the Noisy Cricket, a nod to the flashy, loud, incendiary Hollywood firefights this gun is meant to simulate. Most soldiers and professional shooters work hard to suppress muzzle flash and noise when they shoot, especially special forces operatives who want to accomplish their objectives in silence. The Noisy CRKT is designed to do the opposite.

How it Works

We took a standard M4 rifle, shortened the barrel, and installed a flash enhancer. You’ll know when you’ve fired this modified M4 full automatic. The loud boom from each shot and enhanced muzzle flash will put you directly within the wild, fast-paced Hollywood action scenes you’ve seen all your life. This is a true “good times” firearm, combining the solid performance and maneuverability of an M4 with custom features to make sure your Las Vegas machine gun shooting range experience is everything you want it to be.

Like all M4 rifles, the Noisy CRKT fires .223 caliber ammo, which is standard assault rifle ammunition. It has a fully automatic firing setting, as well burst fire and semi-automatic settings. This means you can conserve ammo and work on your shooting or hit full auto and unload like you’re getting swarmed by zombies in a basement fight. Make some noise!

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