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Machine Guns Vegas – Bundle Deals

Las Vegas is the land of extremes. So, what better way to amp up your Machine Guns Vegas experience than with one of our epic partner packages. We’ve joined forces with some of Vegas’ hottest attractions to give you truly wild Las Vegas shooting packages guaranteed to thrill.
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour!
Experience Las Vegas high in the sky on an adrenaline-filled aerial ride! Take a Maverick Helicopters tour over the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Hoover Dam, and Vegas Strip. Then, return to base at MGV, and complete the mission with a SEAL Team 6 Shooting Experience package.
Brass & Ass Bachelor Party Package
Vegas is the ultimate bachelor party spot, so why not have a party for the ages with a weekend that includes one of MGV’s best Las Vegas shooting packages, along with free transportation, free cover charge, and complimentary first drinks at Vegas’ #1 gentleman’s club, Sapphire! Girls. Now, that’s a complete package!

Go Kart Racing
Vegas’ Pole Position Raceway features the fastest indoor karts in the country. Add a round of shooting with an UZI and Glock 17 at Machine Guns Vegas, and you’ve just satisfied your need for both speed and power with one of the wildest Las Vegas shooting packages.

Dune Buggy Experience
Want to experience a true off-road adventure? Try our Dune Buggy package. Explore 15,000 acres of desert terrain, including dunes and washed-out creek beds, during a 30-minute Sun Buggy adventure. Finish off the trip with our famous “Vegas On Full Auto” experience featuring the Glock 17 and Colt Commando, and you’ll have an adventure of a lifetime.
Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour
See if you have what it takes to be a real Navy SEAL with this package that includes our SEAL Team 6 Experience, along with a ride in a Maverick Tours “Limousine of the Sky” helicopter tour of Greater Vegas. Get in, get out, kickass, take names . . . do Vegas right.
Ultimate Dune Buggy Experience
Enjoy a full 60 minutes of speeding through the desert and over challenging terrain in your own dune buggy during a fast-paced chase tailored for adrenaline. Complete the rush with our famous Vegas Full Auto firearms experience, which includes your choice of any three guns.


Ultimate Go Kart Racing
Pull out all the stops at Pole Position Raceway when you compete in three indoor races, driving some of the fastest karts in the country. While still on your octane high, get over to MGV to blow away the targets using the HK MP5, FN SCAR, and Glock. Start your engines!