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$399 Outdoor Package

From: $399.00

Experience the Las Vegas desert outdoors and shoot explosive tannerite deep in the heart of the Mojave desert.
Not Available Tuesday or Wednesday

Experience the Las Vegas desert outdoors and shoot explosive tannerite deep in the heart of the Mojave desert.


Is transportation Included?

Yes, each package comes with complimentary round trip transportation to our outdoor location, located thirty minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

Where does the Outdoor Shoot take place?

The Outdoor Shoot is in the heart of the Mojave Desert, thirty minutes from the Las Vegas strip.

Can I drink alcohol or use drugs before I shoot?

No, the use of alcohol & drugs (including medical Marijuana) before shooting is not permitted. No refunds will be given if the shooter is found to be under the influence of any illegal or impairing substance for safety reasons.

Can I participate in the Outdoor Shoot without a reservation?

No. Please purchase desired package online. You must have a reservation to participate.

Can I bring my own firearm?

No, shooting your own firearms is not an option at this time.

Experience Details

If what you look for in a gun range is a quaint, indoor lane with a couple handguns, then Machine Guns Vegas isn’t for you. But if you have the desire to feel the power of the world’s wildest guns, a Las Vegas shooting range outdoors is just the thing you want.

For the $399 Outdoor Package, you get a curbside pickup at one of these premier Vegas hotels: Aria, Excalibur, and Treasure Island. From there, you make your way out to our Las Vegas shooting range outdoors in the gorgeous Mojave Desert.

For this package, you’re going right into the heavy hitters—10 rounds with the notorious 1911, 40 rounds with the M249 SAW, and 25 rounds each with the MP5 and AK-47. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to place 3 tannerite exploding targets on the range. Nothing compares to the boom of connecting a bullet with a can of explosives and watching a giant flame climb into the air.

Be ready for pickup at 9:00 AM Thursday through Monday and have your trigger finger warmed up and ready to go.

  • Please book two days in advance, by purchasing online
  • Available Thursday- Monday at 9:00 AM
  • Packages are priced per person & guns are subject to availability


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