Special Air Service (SAS) Experience $190

The SAS Experience

Fire the same guns used by Her Majesty’s Special Air Service (SAS), the elite branch of the United Kingdom. This package includes the Sniper Rifle, Glock, HK33, and the MP5.

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Fire the same guns used by Her Majesty’s Special Air Service (SAS), the elite branch of the United Kingdom. This package includes the Sniper Rifle, Glock, HK33, and the MP5.

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Over the last 50 years, the United Kingdom’s Special Air Service has influenced the Special Forces of militaries all over the world. And in recent years, SAS officers have risen to the highest echelons of the British armed services. There are no tourists: the SAS represents the pinnacle of special forces training and execution, capable of operating in almost any theater or environment and coming away victorious.

Put simply, the SAS lives and breathes combat, which is why, at Machine Guns Vegas, we have a package tailored to put you behind the trigger of an SAS operation. Like most men, we’re only interested in one thing—and in this case, it’s guns. By booking our SAS Shooting Range Experience, you’ll be able to channel your inner SAS agent and get your hands on the same weapons they use on the job.

Need Some Assistance?

Machine Guns Vegas is the most accommodating machine gun shooting range in Las Vegas, where beginners and experts alike can enjoy adrenaline-soaked fun with epic, kick-ass hardware in a safe, controlled environment. Trust us: In the field, they don’t help you pull the trigger. But even if the only guns you’ve fired before were in video games, don’t worry. Our trained and experienced Las Vegas Gun Girls will make sure that you don’t hurt yourself.

Not only will our lovely ladies take you through the protocol for handling your equipment, but they’ll teach you how to properly hold your guns, fire them, and answer any questions along the way. Get ready for one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life, because before you know it, your senses are going to be working overtime.

The Guns of the SAS Shooting Range Experience
By taking part in our
SAS Shooting Range Experience, you’ll be able to start off small and finish with a bang. We’ve got a selection of hardware on hand that covers all the bases, from pistols up to the unbridled might of a pair of assault weapons. We’ll say this for them: The Brits don’t mess around when it comes to guns. Your package includes the Sniper Rifle, HK33 Glock, and the MP5.


If you still haven’t had enough pulse-pounding, brain-rattling fun, you can spend an extra $54.95 to add the Colt Commando, or $120 to add on the M249 SAW to your SAS Shooting Range Experience.

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Make a reservation today, so that when you make your trip to Las Vegas, you’ll be able to take advantage of our free transportation. For any questions about the SAS package, call Machine Guns Vegas at +1 (800) 757-4668—and remember, we’re not your typical Vegas attraction; we’re the best place for you to go all out, guns blazing and full of glory.


What guns are included with this experience?

The SAS Experience gives you the opportunity to shoot the Sniper Rifle, Glock, HK33, and the MP5. For $54.95 you can add on the Colt Commando.

What’s the duration of the SAS Experience?

The SAS Experience will take about 45 minutes.

Is transportation included with this experience?

Yes, as long as you have a reservation, you’ll get transportation to and from Machine Guns Vegas.


  1. Matthew


    Two words: totally awesome! My son and sister were the shooters and I was an observer. Andrew was our range officer/instructor. Andrew was very friendly, personable, professional and took the time to clearly explain and monitor the shooting experience as well as answer questions and offer advice on expected weapon performance. He adapted his instruction to the experience level of the shooter; my son (13 years old) was a first time shooter and my sister was experienced but perhaps just a little rusty as she hadn’t fired in a couple of years. There was no rush of which made the experience stress-free. I was able to take videos and pictures and collect a few brass as souvenirs; of course, the targets were ours to keep as well. The safety methods used are very thorough and deliberate and set my mind at ease allowing me to concentrate on the shooting session. The weapons used in this package were the Glock 17, .223 sniper rifle, H&K MP5 and finally the RPK (the M249 SAW would have been a little “too much gun” for our shooters). This amazing experience was certainly a highlight of our Las Vegas trip. My recommendation is to select the weapon(s) you wish to fire more than once or twice and purchase additional ammunition when selecting and scheduling your experience package; we did with the Glock 17 and .223 sniper rifle and it helped to keep the shooting experience moving along at our leisurely pace. In my opinion, this package was very reasonably priced and definitely worth the value.

  2. Kiran Q


    This was my fifth visit to MGV. Each and everytime, I am greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff. The prices are reasonable and the experience is always great. I strongly recommend this location to anyone looking to fire guns during their stay

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