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Machine Guns Vegas is proud to be a Las Vegas indoor shooting range that lets you play with the big guns—the real toys. We let you shoot all the guns of your favorite heroes, like the Navy SEALs and RAF forces, plus the world famous “Hollywood” guns that you’ve seen in movies and games. Now, we want to present to you one of our favorite light machine guns: the Russian-made RPK.

RPK stands for “Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova-Kalashnikov”, meaning it’s produced by the same folks who gave the world the AK-47. That’s another one of our favorite guns, but the RPK takes the Kalashnikov platform and juices it up to the extreme. There are few guns in our armory that can match the RPK’s blistering rate of fire and firepower. This light machine gun can be box or drum magazine fed, meaning you have potentially hundreds of rounds to shoot before you have to reload. The built-in bipod allows the gun to be set across a flat surface for greater stability and accuracy.

The RPK is available as part of our Compound Experience package, one of our most comprehensive deals. Stop by today to try out this Russian-made wonder.

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