Tactical Shotgun

Tactical Shotgun

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Tactical is more than just a firearm. Tactical is a state of mind. It’s knowing you have the right gun for the job and the confidence to get the job done, regardless of how intense the experience is. In situations where tactical performance matters, why rely on anything but the best? Our tactical, pump action shotgun is ultra powerful and super easy to use. Fire tactical 12 gauge shotgun shells at our exclusive firing range in Vegas for a truly unique Vegas adventure.

Firing a Shotgun

Our 12-gauge tactical shotgun is one of the most lethal and destructive firearms commonly found. When you fire a tactical 12 gauge shotgun shell, either a 1-ounce slug of solid lead or eight .32 caliber lead balls are sent out with every pull of the trigger.

This capacity for damage has made the shotgun a longtime favorite for police officers performing drug busts or containing suspects during shootouts, military units that need lots of fire power in a small package, and naval and Coast Guard units interdicting smugglers. When you want maximum damage, you need a 12-gauge tactical shotgun.

Rack ‘Em and Jack ‘Em

At our unique firing range in Vegas, you’ll fire tactical 12 gauge shotgun shells as fast as you can work the gun’s trigger. We will show you how to safely operate the same weapon used my military and police forces around the world. Book your tactical shotgun experience today!

Tactical Shotgun

While we all love an expensive rifle or a nice handgun, there are few things as satisfying as shooting a shotgun. It is no secret that the shotgun is the gun of choice for many people for home defense and is what sits next to the bed at night. With every trigger pull, it delivers the highest impact payload that is possible from a shoulder-fired gun, while still being controllable. When it comes down to it, a tactical shotgun is the most effective weapon for home defense and is a blast to go and shoot for fun as well. 

So what is the difference between a tactical shotgun from a regular shotgun? A tactical shotgun generally has a shorter barrel, making it lighter and more maneuverable when used inside of buildings and vehicles. They can come in any type of operation, but the two fastest and most popular are pump and semi-automatic actions. Most shotguns will come with a bead at the end of a barrel that you use as a sight, but most tactical shotguns will have both a front and rear sight, or sometimes even a red dot sight. They will almost always be chambered in 12 gauge, which is the most common combat shotgun caliber. It is also one of the most powerful options as well. It can, however, make the shotgun bigger and heavier, and deal more recoil. For this reason, 20 gauge shotguns are also popular, as it is still a potent size but has much less recoil. Most tactical shotguns will have a larger capacity than hunting shotguns, and will usually at least be 4 plus 1 in most situations, although there are some that offer up to 7 plus 1. 

So what’s the big deal with shotguns? First off, they are one of the most versatile weapons on the planet. They can fire a wide range of projectiles depending on the situation and the intended targets and can take on something as small as pests to beasts as big as bears. Ammunition for them is very common and can be found just about anywhere. While they do have a relatively shorter range than other firearms, this can also be considered one of their biggest strengths, being the most effective choice at situations requiring shorter distances. It is no surprise to see them in pop culture and the mainstream media, whether it be movies, tv shows, or video games. Tactical shotguns can be seen being used in films such as Blade, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Zombieland, Terminator, and John Wick. Popular television series such as The Walking Dead and Magnum P.I. also continue to feature many different models and makes of tactical shotguns. First-person shooter games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow Six and even Fortnite feature a tactical shotgun option for close-range combat. 

A shotgun is an excellent weapon. A tactical shotgun represents power and reliability that you might not find anywhere else. Shooting this firearm will be an experience that you will never forget, so next time you visit Machine Guns Vegas try out our tactical shotgun!