The Shotgun Wedding


Look no further for a fun Las Vegas wedding idea. The bride gets a pink M4, and the groom manages an MP5, and the two become one as you both fire the same deadly handgun: the Glock 17. Your crazy Vegas wedding package includes the entire wedding ceremony, chairs, and minister.



What's Included?


Your MGV shoot includes:

2-3 hours of the most adventurous and memorable wedding that you can have in Vegas


You’re getting married. Yeah, that’s right, you. Never thought you’d hear someone say those words, but it’s a crazy world. One thing’s for sure: You’re certainly not going to have some dainty, quaint wedding with a bunch of cheap suits and cheesy music. Instead, what about taking your vows at a gun range in Las Vegas? Now we’re talking.

Your Kind of Wedding

Check out this crazy Vegas wedding package: the bride gets to shoot off a pink M4, the groom handles an MP5, and you both get to shoot the deadly little handgun, the Glock 17. Bring your whole party and start off at the classic A Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas. The minister, chairs, photographer, pictures, and flowers are all included in this fun Vegas wedding package at Machine Guns Vegas.

Once the deed is done, it’s time to consummate the act by firing off some of the world’s most intriguing guns. Get ready to live out the most fun Las Vegas wedding idea you’ve ever heard. Finally, a wedding your best friends won’t complain about attending. While the package only includes shooting for the bride and groom, anyone else can join in for only $110 per person.

Ceremony Details:
  • Ceremony hosted by Machine Guns Vegas for up to 20 people in the VIP room
  • Includes chairs, minister, photographer and 15 photos, flowers, and DVD