Ultimate Dune Buggy Experience


Get more than just a trip to the gun range with a premium Las Vegas bundle deal. Start things off with a 60-minute dune buggy rides in Las Vegas, which should warm you up for an epic day at the shooting range. For this four hour entertainment package shoot the 3 Gun Package.


KRISS Vector
Tactical Shotgun

What's Included?


Your MGV shoot includes:

Yes, it does not need to be issued in US

Yes, for an additional charge

All together both attractions around 3 hours

No, you can choose to schedule for seperate days


At Machine Guns Vegas, we count ourselves as one of the “can’t miss” experiences Las Vegas has to offer. With an entire arsenal of exotic guns and a luxe club atmosphere combined with the accoutrements of a top Las Vegas gun range, we know anyone who sets foot inside our compound would agree! We know you want to make your time in Vegas count. That’s why we’re teaming up with some epic attractions to bring you our Ultimate Dune Buggy Experience Las Vegas bundle deal.

There aren’t many gun ranges that offer customers a Las Vegas shooting range package coupled with desert dune buggy rides, courtesy of our buddies at SunBuggy Las Vegas. In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked if we were the only one. Doing things more epic than the next guy is something of a casual achievement here at MGV. Our Ultimate Dune Buggy package offers you dune buggy rides in Las Vegas coupled with time on our gun range, with three guns of your choice.

The Low-Down

The Ultimate Dune Buggy bundle deal starts out with a 60-minute dune buggy ride through the desert. This is a ride for the true adrenaline junkies—a wild and dusty ride over tough terrain in your own dune buggy. Race your friends and kick up a storm before coming back to MGV for our famous “Vegas on Full Auto” experience—a combo of any three automatics (excluding exotics) you want and three targets. Pick from our huge range of weapons to make your Las Vegas outdoor shooting range package everything you want it to be. At MGV, we have everything you need to feel like an outlaw, king of the desert, or an American hero.

A True Vegas Adventure

The Ultimate Dune Buggy bundle deal combines our legendary firearms experience with off-roading mayhem, a choice of the most epic weapons, and a luxury gun range with all the trappings of a true Las Vegas nightclub.

Reserve your Ultimate Dune Buggy bundle deal at Machine Guns Vegas and enjoy ultra-luxurious service, while you shoot some of the world’s most famous weapons in our custom shooting range. We hope to see you soon!

Savings breakdown:
Regular price: $522.00
Bundle deal: $509.00
SAVINGS: $12.00