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In the late 1940s, Major Uziel Gal created the first Uzi submachine gun. The gun was not introduced to IDF Special Forces until 1954, and it was not placed into general issue until two years later. The Uzi machine gun proved to be easy for soldiers to develop a proficiency at, leading the gun to be used as a personal defense weapon for tankers, artillery troops, and officers. Additionally, the gun is used as a frontline weapon by elite infantry assault forces.

Firing an Uzi

Because it has few moving parts, the Uzi is easily stripped for maintenance and repair. The pistol grip houses the magazine, allowing for simple reloading in dark or difficult conditions, making the Uzi a favorite for night missions, as well as a favorite firearm at our full auto gun range.

The Uzi is as ubiquitous as it is thrilling: fully automatic, sleekly designed, and favored the world over for its maneuverability and firing speed. Featured in our “Fully Automatic” and “Compound” packages, the Uzi is one of the most popular guns at our full auto gun range in Las Vegas.

True Firepower

At Machine Guns Vegas, we let you go full-auto on our targets with this classic firearm, all under the safety and supervision of our range masters and Las Vegas gun girls. Squeeze off a few rounds to get the feel for the gun. Then, if you really want to know what a fully automatic firearm can do, hold the trigger down. The Uzi can empty its magazine faster than you’ll remember to let go of the trigger, and soon you’ll be turning targets into Swiss cheese impersonations.

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We are the only full auto gun range in Vegas that lets you have the kind of excitement we offer, and it doesn’t stop at the Uzi. Check out our package deals to see the many firing range experiences you can have with us.

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