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Are you an adrenaline junky? Don’t worry, we’re not the type to judge. We’re the type to feed the addiction!
If you consider yourself a true thrillseeker, you should let your inner badass out of its cage at Machine Guns Vegas. We create a truly safe and controlled environment, leaving our customers free to relax and enjoy every exhilarating pull of the trigger. Whether you channel your inner Navy SEAL or feel like letting your gangster side out of the box, you’re sure to have the pulse-pounding time of your life at our one-of-a-kind shooting range. For an example of the firepower you’ll be able to get your hands on, here are a few of the iconic shotguns in our collection.

SAIGA-12 (Full & Semi)

At Machine Guns Vegas, we carry both full-automatic and semi-automatic variations of the SAIGA-12, a 12-gauge shotgun modeled after the Kalashnikov series of assault rifles. Our SAIGA 12 shotguns feature the large lever-safety on the right side of the receiver that gives them the automatic feel of Kalashnikov-pattern guns, as well as the optic mounting rail, and the dust cover mounted on the top, which is held in place by the recoil spring assembly.
Even if you’ve never shot a shotgun before, our Las Vegas Gun Girls will walk you through the correct way to hold your weapon, fire, and make sure any and all of your questions are answered. Once you handle one of our gas-operated SAIGA shotguns, you’ll know what it means to have immense power in your hands, and the sheer adrenaline rush will have you coming back for more.


At Machine Guns Vegas, you could say we have a “thing” for rare weapons, especially firearms that have been banned from import into the United States. We can tell you from experience: getting to fire one of these illicit beauties is a naughty treat not to be missed. Everything gets more fun when you get to break the rules, right?
The shotgun SPAS 12 can be used as either a semi-automatic or a pump-action firearm, and while it was popular with military and police groups around the world at one point, the United States Federal Assault Weapons Ban stopped its import into the United States in 1994. While the ban on the shotgun SPAS 12 was later lifted, Franchi (the manufacturer) was no longer producing them.
The story doesn’t end there. Even though our country only saw about 5% of the shotgun SPAS 12 models that were manufactured in the first place, it added up to quite a big demand for the American gun enthusiasts. At Machine Guns Vegas, not only do you get to see a shotgun SPAS 12 behind a display case, but you get to experience the full thrill of shooting it. And trust us, the other method of getting your hands on a SPAS in this country is not advisable.

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