• BarretSniperRifle

    Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

  • ARX-2

    Berretta ARX

  • Draco
    From: $75.00


  • glock19
    From: $34.95

    Glock 19

  • m2-tactical-shotgun-pistol-12-gauge
    From: $45.00


  • M60
    From: $250.00


  • p30


  • PinkM4
    From: $54.95

    Pink M4

  • SW500

    S&W 500

  • Serbu


  • 308SniperRifle
    From: $94.95

    Sniper Rifle

  • 1TT

    Tactical Shotgun

  • DesertEagleMagnum_grande

    .50 Cal AE Desert Eagle

  • uzi


  • ragingjudge

    Taurus Raging Judge

  • XDM9 Grande

    Springfield XDM 9mm

  • 1911

    Springfield M1911

  • Spas


  • Semi Saga

    Semi Saiga

  • Red Hawk

    Ruger Super Redhawk

  • RPK


  • M4 Noisy Cricket

    Noisy CRKT

  • M4
    From: $54.95


  • Saw

    M249 SAW

  • 1919
    From: $125.00

    M1919 Browning

  • Kriss Super

    KRISS Vector

  • MP5


  • pinkmp5

    Pink MP5

  • HK416

    HK 416D

  • Glock17

    Glock 17

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Machine Guns Vegas – Guns

Machine Guns Vegas has one of the most diverse collections of premier armament in the area. This is what makes MGV hands down the best gun range in Las Vegas.

Go Full-Auto

The M4 is the little cousin of the M16. This lightweight submachine gun is used by American standard and special, and is favored for its high performance in tight, close combat situations. It’s the full-auto assault rifle you bring to a knife fight. The M4 exemplifies the “get in and get out” aesthetic of a modern military precision strike, and at the best gun range in Las Vegas, we put that same experience right in your hands. Feel the power of the M4 in our SEAL Team 6, Gamers, 3 Gun, Compound, and Full Auto packages.
The Ruchnoy Pulemjot Kalashnikova-Kalashnikov (RPK) is a light handheld machine gun that is gas-operated, magazine-fed, air-cooled . . . and 100% extreme. Fire this Russian-made weapon as a part of The Compound Experience package.


A favorite among gamers for its exotic design, the KRISS Super V isn’t your typical submachine gun. Its unique design allows for reduced recoil and muzzle climb, and it’s not exactly something your average firing range has sitting in its locker. Only at MGV, the best gun range in Las Vegas, you’ll get to put this little monster in your hands and take it for a ride! Find the Kriss Super V in the 3 Gun Experience at Machine Guns Vegas.


The Glock pistol is one of the most instantly recognizable guns in the world. Maybe that’s because it puts neat little holes in whatever you point it at! This is the firearm of choice for police departments all over the country and globe, including the NYPD, as well as the U.S. Marshals, FBI, and British Armed Forces. Fire it yourself in our SAS, Gamers, and 3 Gun Experience packages.


The SPAS-12 is a dual-mode shotgun and was designed for combat. It sees use by only the most select military organizations around the world. It’s a rare sight in the US, but MGV has it in stock. Experience this rare semi-automatic or pump-action firearm in the Seal Team 6 and 3 Gun packages at the best gun range in Las Vegas.

Learn more about all of Machine Guns Vegas experience packages by visiting our Gun Packages page!

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