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If you’re pumped up about visiting a shooting range for the first time, we have a bit of advice for you: don’t waste your time on a lightweight gun range—go straight for the big leagues. The next time you’re in Las Vegas, stop by Machine Guns Vegas. Not only will you be able to shoot an array of iconic firearms that you won’t see anywhere else, but we’re the only gun range built for visitors to Vegas and their safety in mind.

Even if your only previous weapons knowledge is what you picked up from your favorite first-person shooter, it’s okay—our Gun Girls won’t take away too much of your manhood by showing you how to use your equipment. For a heart-pounding adrenaline rush like no other, make sure you take a look at our collection of semi-automatics. Whether you’re channeling your inner Navy SEAL or your favorite rendition of James Bond, you’ll be able to demolish our targets with guns blazing.

HK 416D

The HK 416 hails from Germany and features a match-grade precision barrel, upper and lower metal receivers, a retractable stock, and a machined rail interface system. This gun is authentic to the core, even including the small compartments in the grip and butt for miniscule tools and batteries. Featured in movies like Terminator Salvation, The Expendables 2 & 3, Skyfall, Red 2, and Zero Dark Thirty, the HK 416 is a real Hollywood star. At Machine Guns Vegas, you can do one better than the actors on-screen: they get to handle props, and you’ll get the real thing.


Shooting a KRISS Super V, it’s safe to say, isn’t exactly your grandpa’s old bolt-action. Beyond its unique design, the Super V features some top-of-the line-mechanics. Shooting a KRISS Super V is an experience like no other—it utilizes asymmetrical recoil and in-line design to reduce muzzle climb, making the weapon easier to hold and easier to fire. Whether you’re imagining yourself as Jason Statham in Safe, or Colin Farrell in Total Recall, by shooting a KRISS Super V, you’re in for an incredible ride.

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Located right off of the Strip, Machine Guns Vegas in the midst of the excitement, and anyone who has experienced one of our pulse-pounding gun packages will tell you that we’re the best way to spend your time in Vegas. For any questions about shooting a Kriss Super V, HK 416D, or FN SCAR-L, call us at +1 (800) 757-4668 to learn more about our collection of semi-automatics.

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