Springfield M1911

Springfield 1911

Shoot the classic .45 Caliber Springfield 1911 at Machine Guns Vegas!

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Some guns are famous, others are infamous. Some are famous for appearances in movies or in one of several dizzying shoot-em-up video games. Some guns hold the distinction of having been in the hands of every American soldier for decades. The Springfield M1911 isn’t just an American classic, it’s the gun of generations of American heroes. This .45 caliber semi-automatic is famous for its pedigree and is infamous for its stopping power and durability. This gun has saved lives, and during your one-of-a-kind Las Vegas shooting experience, you’ll be feel a bit of that magic after firing off a few rounds.

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You’ll find the M1911 in a few of our packages: The 3 Gun Experience, The Hand Job, The Compound, and The $399 Outdoor Package. The 1911 is the pinnacle of gun design—a classic model copied, modified, and improved since its invention by John M. Browning. Even after being replaced as the standard issue sidearm in the U.S. Armed Forces in 1985, it still sees use by some of our soldiers, many of whom prefer the 1911 over the standard Beretta. The Springfield M1911 is a definitive handgun, visible in literally all forms of media and all over the world for private and public security, as well as military use.

Machine Guns Vegas enjoys presenting exotic automatics to our clients, but we’re also proud to treasure the classics. Visit us today to get a grip on a true classic.

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