5 Birthday Party Perks of Celebrating at Machine Guns Vegas

You only get one birthday per year, so you have to take advantage and make it unforgettable. Topping the list of amazing birthday party ideas in Las Vegas is Machine Guns Vegas and our variety of gun packages. Imagine the excitement of shooting off some of the world’s most vicious and wild firearms in the company of the knowledgeable and stunningly beautiful Gun Girls. Here’s the five best ways to have a happy birthday while you’re at Machine Guns Vegas.

The 3 Gun Experience

If you can’t get enough of shooting off interesting guns, pick your three favorites. The Three Gun Experience is a fan favorite for birthday party ideas in Las Vegas. The gun range is meant for trying out several of your favorite guns, so don’t just settle for one.

Just Divorced


There’s no way to put the past behind you like shooting off some powerful firearms as one of your Las Vegas activities. Get out the aggression and hurt of your divorce on your birthday by standing beside your friends and lighting up the range.

Bring Your Own Memorabilia to Shoot Up

Who wants to shoot at a target? Find something personal and meaningful to take aim at. You may want to put an end to some memories that are holding you back. Bring in an old trophy, suit, or dress and destroy it. Take control over your past and look to a brighter future by filling your cursed objects with bullet holes. Personalized mayhem is one of the best birthday party ideas in Las Vegas.

Blast Your Bucket List Combo Package

For some people, shooting off powerful guns is just the beginning of their Las Vegas activities. How about hopping in a Maverick Helicopter on top of firing off fully automatic machine guns in the company of lovely Gun Girls? Get an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon in a Maverick copter and then head back to the gun range to fulfill all your dreams of birthday excitement.

Two Words: Gun Girls

The final birthday party idea in Las Vegas will finish the job of making you feel like a man. In Vegas, the gun range isn’t the den of dudes you’re used to seeing. At Machine Guns Vegas, every operation is made sweeter by the company of friendly and gorgeous Gun Girls who are eagerly awaiting your arrival. Las Vegas is the place where dreams come true, so fill this year’s birthday with helicopters, machine gun firing, and luscious Gun Girls.

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