Health Benefits of Indoor Firing Ranges

A trip to Vegas without dropping by Machine Guns Vegas’ indoor firing range is hardly a trip at all if you’re a gun enthusiast that is. Many find themselves loving the safety MGV offers for firearms use. But did you know that firing at an indoor gun range actually has potential health benefits? So yes, you get to hone your gun skills and be a better version of yourself. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Health Benefits of Indoor Firing Ranges


1. Hand-Eye Coordination

All of us need hand-eye coordination in order for us to process what to do with what we just saw or reached. One refined hand-eye coordination activity is hitting a target in the firing lane using firearms. Gun owners will learn how to get more accurate shots the more they shoot.

In an age where a lot of people have diminished themselves into becoming a couch potato, this sport can help build many physical disciplines that are enjoyable and healthy to boot.

Another benefit of shooting at a firing range is increased arm strength. Of course, shooting a gun requires strong and sturdy hands and arms. Practicing keeping your arms and hands steady will eventually make your arms stronger.

Additionally, firing develops your focus. It’s essential to keep your eyes on the target while aiming a gun. Technically, you’re keeping your mind off of other activities resulting in you being entirely focused on one thing, the target straight in front of you.

2. Release of Adrenaline

Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of firing. Your adrenaline levels will experience a spike causing a steady pulse of energy through your blood. When adrenaline is increased in the body, the liver is likely to be more efficient in breaking down glycogen, the substance that gives your muscles glucose, which is your main source of energy in your body.

3. Improved Posture

Having to be in a firing position in a gun lane actually encourages core body strength to achieve proper balance and posture. The posture you’re doing — back straight with shoulders pulled back — is ideal for walking and standing. If you want to improve your posture, you can do so by practice firing in an indoor firing range. This one of the valuable health benefits of indoor firing ranges.

You also get a better balance when your frequent firing ranges. Having weak muscles in the abdomen will cause the lower back to hold extra weight and pressure from simple activities like walk. By strengthening your abdominal muscles, you’re allowing your body’s weight to be distributed evenly, thus gaining better balance.

4. Promotes Good Eye Sight

Most of us rely heavily on computers and gadgets these days, often too close to our eyes. We all know this can be very damaging and in fact a risk factor for near-sightedness. Once in a while our eyes need a break from screen time and will benefit from viewing objects further away. Staring at a target in a firing range can help achieve just that.

This is not to say that shooting can fix eye problems, but it can definitely exercise the eye capabilities that you already have. By resting your eyes from staring at phones, tablets, TVs, and computers, you’ll help relieve your eyes from too much stress.

Bonus Health Benefits of Guns

Improve Mental Discipline

This may come as a surprise but shooting sports are actually mental sports. According to experienced marksmen, sports shooting is 90% mental since it expands and sharpens your concentration levels. When aiming at a target, the shooter needs to use his problem-solving activities such as creative thinking, mathematics, and logic.

Boost Confidence

A gun is one powerful tool, which automatically makes any shooter feel powerful as well. If you know how to handle a weapon safely and shoot at a target, it can provide you with enough confidence to handle challenging tasks. It will eventually influence your other activities, work, hobbies, and your relationships.

Reduce Stress

A lot of us have taken to live along with stress. Everything is a rush these days and there’s a need to keep up. A trip to the shooting range once in a while is a great opportunity to slow down and relax a little bit. It’s surprising, but shooting can actually reduce stress levels. After an hour or so at the range, you may find that you are more centered and calmer.

Increase Stamina

Going through various stages of shooting, carrying your ammunition around your chest and waist, and slinging a rifle while holding a shotgun when there’s a need to can be considered intense weight training. In fact, “the run and gun” shooting sports training that athletes compete in involve heavy and intense workouts.

You are essentially lifting heavy objects and pass through challenging props and navigate over uneven terrain. Shooting requires stamina and fitness to run and focus at the same time.

Advantages to Indoor Shooting at a Las Vegas Gun Range

Recreational sports shooting is a ton of fun and can be done both indoors and outdoors. At Machine Gun Vegas, we’re obviously partial to indoor shooting, but still, we can help you accomplish whatever you have in mind.

As you choose between options, here are the reasons why you should give indoor shooting a go.

  1. Indoor shooting allows you to hone your skills no matter what the weather is. You have no environmental factors to challenge you, whether it is snow, wind, or heavy rains. Our doors are always open for you.
  2. Indoor shooting gives you the opportunity to practice in a controlled setting. The state of the art facility that we can provide you includes a good ventilation system, air filtration, tactical skills enhancing equipment, and automated target retrieval system. Our ranges are designed in order to provide you with a comfortable, safe, and fun shooting experience.
  3. Indoor shooting allows you to improve your target skills. Whether you’re preparing for shooting competitions, prefer to join a shooting training class, or simply practice target shooting on your own, we have you covered. You can do all these and more at our Las Vegas gun range.
  4. Indoor shooting can help develop friendships. Shooting classes are available for everybody interested. And you’re not just taught to fire a gun, but you’re also taught gun safety as well. If you’re interested in learning about hunting permits and carry permits, you can learn all these at a shooting class as well. Best of all, it creates camaraderie so you can enjoy the sport together with friends.
  1. Indoor firing ranges have all you need in one place. From membership packages, in-house gunsmiths, classes, instruction, shooting clothing, gun sales and rentals, indoor firing ranges have them all. Simply ask help from one of our personnel.


An indoor firing range needs to have the safety of the shooters and staff in mind, and promote the health benefits of guns. The last thing you want to do is get involved in an accident while inside a firing range. You’d also benefit from a firing range where you can direct feedback on how well you’re shooting.

While going to a gun firing range isn’t officially a health treatment, it still encourages health benefits that are valuable for daily living. It gives you a lot of reasons to visit Machine Guns Vegas. Drop by at our luxurious Las Vegas firing range today!

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