Why Do Gun Ranges Make a Great Vegas Bachelor Party?

Are you about to make one of the biggest commitments of your life? 

Before you take the plunge, you’re entitled to some fun. And what better way to wreak havoc than by visiting a gun range in Las Vegas with the lads?

What Makes Las Vegas Gun Ranges Great Bachelor Parties?

Throwing a bachelor party for your friend is all about thinking outside the box and ensuring they have as much fun as possible. And visiting a gun range before the groom’s big day will certainly be a good surprise. Take a look at why you should stop by a gun range in Sin City.

Most Weapons Are Not Available to Civilians

A big benefit of Las Vegas gun ranges is that you can access many types of weapons, including those unavailable to civilians. If the groomsman is a gun enthusiast, chances are he has always wanted to get his hands on military weapons. This dream can become a reality at a Las Vegas gun range.

Most of these ranges offer many types of weapons for a memorable shooting experience. I mean, where else do you expect to feel the unique power of a grenade launcher than at a shooting range? You’ll feel like you’re in a war movie launching projectiles at enemy targets.

Your gun options at a gun range include assault rifles mounted with military-grade FFP and SFP LPVOs, submachine guns, grenade launchers, exotic guns, and machine guns, among others. Your bachelor party package can be customized so that you enjoy as many types of weapons as possible.

It Is Extremely Fun

Bachelor parties are about having fun, and that’s what a gun range offers. The adrenaline rush when firing a weapon is exhilarating, giving you the feeling of power and control. Plus, the groom-to-be is possibly a little stressed from all the wedding planning activities and will need to let loose a little.

And what better way is there to help relieve stress than shooting rounds at a range? Since the planning of the wedding party has been running around for the last couple of months, you all deserve a great reward just before the man of the day says, ‘I do.’

It’ll be even more fun if you include some friendly competition with your friends. Your group can challenge each other on who can shoot targets faster or has the best aim. You can even make bets to get the excitement for stakes going (very on-brand for Vegas, too). Be creative and make the challenge fun and interesting for the whole party.

Anyone Can Do It (Almost)

The great thing about a gun range is that almost anyone can do it. Whether your team is made up of a mixture of pros and newbies, or all of you are newbies, forget about the nerves. 

It can be intimidating at first as it feels like something for experts. But believe me when I say there’s nothing to fear. Plus, you’ll find instructors ready to help you out.

If you’ve only visited a shooting range a couple of times or this is your first time, the trick is to focus on having fun instead of hitting your target. This will make you less tense and allow you to familiarize yourself with the feel of a gun and shooting. This is an inclusive party that guarantees fun for everyone.

It’s Safe

Of course, most people will worry about their safety at a gun range. So, pick a reputable gun range in Las Vegas that prioritizes safety and provides safe equipment and professional instructors. This is particularly important for beginners who need guidance.

For starters, a good shooting range is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with advanced technology to keep you safe. Such a range has been designed to provide an immersive shooting experience for shooters of all levels. You will also receive safety briefings highlighting all protocols to follow to ensure you don’t make mistakes.


The instructors are skilled and patient, walking you through every step, such as mastering your posture to perfecting your aim to ensure you have fun and don’t hurt yourself or other people.

Gun Range Age Limit Las Vegas

If you’re planning a Las Vegas bachelor party, the team probably consists of adults. Age most likely isn’t something you have to worry about. That said, for the purpose of being informed, let’s delve into age limits.

In most ranges, minors from the age of ten are allowed as long as they’re accompanied by an adult. However, most facilities retain the right to bar certain minors if they think they don’t meet certain requirements, such as height. 

In addition, minors are limited to only certain types of firearms. For an adult over 18 years, you can be sure you’ll be allowed in most gun ranges in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Shooting Range Bachelor Party Cost

The cost of a Las Vegas shooting range bachelor party will vary based on the facility and package. Most of these shooting ranges offer different packages based on group size, number of rounds, and types of guns used. Prices usually range from $100 to $600, but they could be higher in high-end places.

Some places offer packages at a discount, and the groom might even be allowed to shoot for free. Other places give you a customized package for the ultimate shooting experience.

Where to Stay in Vegas for Shooting Range Parties

When it comes to accommodation, you’re definitely spoilt for choice. Start with the Las Vegas Strip, where you’ll find all types of accommodation, from luxury to mid-range and budget hotels. From the Strip, you can access many shooting ranges with ease.

You can also stay off the Strip, where accommodation is a bit affordable. You’ll find quality accommodation with convenient access to several shooting ranges. Aside from hotels, you can also look into a vacation home or apartment on home-sharing platforms.

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