A Guide to Throwing the Perfect Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

The time has come for that last hurrah: the bachelor party. The vows haven’t been said yet, so that means that there’s one last chance to do whatever you want. It’s time to head to Vegas and crash the town for all it’s worth. For your bachelor party in Las Vegas don’t take no for an answer, and fill your time with only the most extreme good times available.

Girls, Girls and More Girls

It goes without saying that girls are the number one thing on everyone’s minds when you hear the words “bachelor party in Las Vegas”. Luckily, just about everything you do in Vegas during the party can involve girls.

It’s called The Strip for a reason. Burlesque shows and strip clubs in Vegas are head and shoulders above anything you’ll find elsewhere. Take a taste test of Vegas’s finest gentlemen’s clubs before the knot is tied and the wedding is over.

Even when you’re at the gun range, you can be accompanied by gorgeous babes. At Machine Guns Vegas, every step of the way you have the delectable Gun Girls at your side, clad in leather and more excited about guns and shooting than any woman you’ve ever met. Don’t let these gals slip away—show them how capably you can dominate the awesome firepower of a machine gun.

Guns, Guns and More Guns

Target shooting

During your bachelor party in Las Vegas, you and your friends will want to feel like men, to be at the top of your game and prove to all of Las Vegas that you’re here to party and won’t settle for anything but the best. What better way is there to feel the incredible power of being a man than to fire off some of the most fearsome guns ever made?

Because everything’s bigger and better in Vegas, the gun range at Machine Guns Vegas offers some chunks of metal that you’d never believe. You can literally fire off a Minigun if you want to. Check out all the different machine gun packages that give you a full range of power—from impressive handguns to the AK-47 to the whole hog: belt-fed, fully-automatic machine guns.

Take Flight in a Maverick Helicopter

There’s no reason to stay on the ground throughout your whole bachelor party in Las Vegas. Why not hop in a military-grade Maverick helicopter and cruise over to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam? You and your buddies can be truly on top of the world with a fantastic Maverick ride over the desert wilds of Nevada.

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