Celebrate Big with These Birthday Party Packages in Las Vegas

birthday packages in Las Vegas

Put away the balloons, streamers, and cheap cakes. This year you’re getting a real man’s birthday party. If you’re on the hunt for the most mind-blowing, high-powered birthday packages in Las Vegas, look no further than Machine Guns Vegas.

The 3 Gun Experience

At a great birthday, it’s all about choices; and all the choices better be good. The 3 Gun Experience at MGV lets you pick from a fat variety of different gun classes and rare gems. Start off with the Glock 17, step up to the FN SCAR, and when you’re really ready for it, the Tactical Shotgun. Or sub one out for an HK MP5, or the notorious KRISS Super V.

Ultimate Race & Fire Package

Birthday packages in Las Vegas don’t have to be restricted to the gun range. After the thrill of firing an automatic machine gun, the birthday boy may have built up another kind of appetite: the need for speed. MGV’s Ultimate Race & Fire package sends you off to the races to rip up the go-kart track after you’re done blowing the targets to bits at the range.

Just Divorced

There’s no better way to recover from a painful divorce than by celebrating your birthday in style. Place yourself behind the gripping Vietnam river boat standard: the M1919 fully automatic machine gun. Put back together the broken pieces of yourself with birthday packages in Las Vegas by taking control of one of the most feared machine guns in history. You can even bring in your own personal memorabilia to set up and blast to the moon.

Hand Job

It’s just as good as it sounds. You get your pick of the world’s most fearsome and ass-kicking pistols. Think the Glock 17, the infamous Colt 1911; and that only begins to prepare you for the Rugers and the Desert Eagle. When it comes to these beauties, the term handgun is pretty misleading—you’d never dare to shoot any of these with one hand. Feel the punch of the kickback, the deafening explosion of the shot and see the bullet destroy the target. Take life into your own hands in the form of a few incredible handguns. The Gun Girls will help cheer you on as you hone in your aim, increase precision, and squeeze the trigger tight.

Blast Your Bucket List!

helicoptor ride

After experiencing the explosive power of infamous machine guns, you may think your birthday party is over; not when you choose a Maverick Helicopter package, like the Blast Your Bucket List package that seats you in the back of a ‘copter as it screams over the limitless Nevada desert. Birthday packages in Las Vegas aren’t complete if you never get off the ground. See what so many US soldiers have seen, feel the deafening roar of propellers, and be rocked to the bones by the rock and rumble of the mighty Maverick.

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