Cool Stuff to Do in Vegas That’s Off the Strip

Although the Strip is what Las Vegas is most famous for, it isn’t the only place where you can find incredible activities to do. There’s tons to do in the surrounding area that most people who visit Vegas never find out about. Discover all the cool stuff to do in Vegas that you can brag about once you get home.

Meet the Mob

Gangster with a gun, wearing raincoat

Ever wonder what it’d be like to sit in the electric chair? How about to try on a pair of brass knuckles? If you’re a fan of the movie The Godfather II, you’ve probably wondered about the Las Vegas mob connection. Well, you can get the whole scoop at The Mob Museum, which is in downtown Vegas, just off the Strip. This beautiful museum is rife with strange stories, oddities, and memorabilia so you can get a clear picture of Mob history in Vegas.

Shooting Mighty Machine Guns

Looking for cool stuff to do in Vegas that will blow everything else away? Look no further than Machine Guns Vegas, where you can shoot off anything from the sexy little Glock to the AK-47 all the way up to the legendary and terrifying Minigun. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride at the shooting range experience of a lifetime.

Even if you’ve never shot a gun before, fear not! MGV pairs each shooter with a professional trainer who watches your every move to ensure everyone stays safe. Also you can look forward to be shooting under the penetrating gaze of the leather-clad and beautiful Gun Girls.

Check Out All the Old Neon Signs

Cowgirl Neon Sign in Las Vegas

Did you ever wonder what happens to all the old neon signs of the shutdown hotels and bankrupt businesses? They all go to the same place: the Neon Museum and Boneyard. Topping the list of cool stuff to do in Vegas, you can do a day tour to find out about all the most legendary signs that fell out of use, or for the full effect, do the night tour where you can see these old gems come back to life. Learn all kinds of fun trivia while getting to see how the style of neon has changed over the years.  

Chow Down at a Food Truck

Who knew there were food trucks in Vegas? Only those who venture off the Strip, where you’ll find there’s tons of cool stuff to do in Vegas including some of the best eats. Whether your taste is for tacos, crepes, or pizza, there’s a Vegas food truck ready to serve you.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore the wonderful, wild world of Vegas outside of the Strip.

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