What to Look For in the Best Las Vegas Gun Ranges


Visiting Las Vegas gun ranges during your vacation is the only way to enjoy all the excitement the town has to offer. The casino only goes so far before you need some seriously hands-on thrills. There are lots of options for Las Vegas gun ranges, so here are some necessary focal points to help you choose the right one.

Rare Guns

The standard set of pistols and rifles might be fine for when you’re at home, but when you’re in Vegas, don’t settle for any less than the finest, rarest guns. At Machine Guns Vegas you can try your hand at firing the AK-47, the M1919 belt-fed fully-automatic machine gun, and the Glock pistol. Your friends at home won’t believe you when you tell them you got to fire the wild guns that you only see movie action stars wielding.

Professional Safety Guide

If you’re still new to the shooting range game and all the machine guns sound intimidating—fear not. One reason Machine Guns Vegas stands out among Las Vegas gun ranges is that each shooter is paired up with a safety expert to make sure you take all safety precautions. With this security blanket, you can relax and enjoy the ride instead of having to stress about your safety.  

Unique Package Deals

Sometimes a gun range can be more than a gun range. Want to try taking a ride in a Maverick Helicopter while you’re at the range? Or are you trying to plan a bachelor party? Maybe you’re in Vegas celebrating your divorce. No matter what draws you to the machine gun range, there’s a great package deal with your name on it.

Las Vegas gun ranges

You can even do the Midlife Crisis Experience, where you get to rent an Aston Martin for the day, cruise the strip, then finish it off with a 13-gun firing experience, building up to the minigun.

Variety of Guns

At some Las Vegas gun ranges you have to “pick your poison” between rifles or pistols. But once you get a taste of the power, you’ll want to fire off everything you can get your hands on. Don’t limit yourself to one class of guns. Instead you can try the 3 Gun Experience where you can choose a Glock, an AK 47, and Tactical Shotgun.

Gorgeous Gun Girls

Sure, you love guns—no one is arguing with you. But what if your trip to the gun range could be about more than just guns? What if there were actually beautiful Gun Girls who followed you around the range watching your every move? MGV offers a nest of girls who know more about guns than you do, setting it apart from all other Las Vegas gun ranges. Get the full thrilling experience at MGV, where guns are only the beginning.

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