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Fire a Glock Pistol

The famous Glock pistol started out as a standard-issue handgun used by the Austrian police. But now, when you come to the best Las Vegas gun range, the Glock can be your plaything. Feel the force and power of one of the most popular handguns in history.

The Personal Glock Experience

Featuring an innovative self-loading design and an 8-round magazine, the Glock pistol practically fires itself. Place yourself behind this wily handgun at our Las Vegas gun range, and get ready for a firearms experience of unforgettable ease and power. There’s no feeling like running your hands over the smooth barrel and one-of-a-kind handgrip of this sensational gun. Find out why so many police officers and gun enthusiasts prefer the Glock to other handguns.

What You Get When You Mix a Vegas Lounge and a Gun Range

Trying out a Glock pistol has never been more comfortable and exciting. Machine Guns Vegas combines the feel of a luxury lounge with unparalleled firing action. With one-on-one safety instruction, you’ll always be in good hands — and then there are our Gun Girls. These sexy firearm professionals are eager to help create an unforgettable gun range experience in the country’s most exciting city: Las Vegas.

Try your luck today. Book an unforgettable experience with Machine Guns Vegas.

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