Pink MP5

Pink MP5

Shoot the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun at Machine Guns Vegas! Now available in pink!

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Your trip to our Las Vegas gun range wouldn’t be complete without spending time with the world-famous MP5. Since 1966, when the Germans originally engineered this beast of a gun, the MP5 has been one of the most commonly used submachine guns in the world. Shooting this gun should be a key part of your trip to Machine Guns Vegas.

The Most Powerful Celebrations Involve Gunfire

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a raise at your job, or even a divorce, you and your best friends can feel the thrill of lighting up the range with one of the most powerful submachine guns ever made. Fill out your celebration party with an unforgettable trip to our shooting range in Las Vegas. Find out for yourself why the world’s best military, intelligence, law enforcement, and security organizations prefer to use the MP5.

Share the Thrill with the Gun Girls

A visit to the gun range should be a social experience, not a solitary venture. Machine Guns Vegas will put an MP5 in your hands and surround you with our gorgeous Gun Girls, who are eager to share in your excitement. Join us for an unforgettable trip.

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