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The 3 Most Common Guns in Video Games


  1. The Desert Eagle

In many ways, the Desert Eagle is pretty much the ideal handgun. This thing leads the pack of guns in video games. In fact, it’s probably what pops into your mind when someone says the world “pistol.” This American designed handgun-of-handguns reached popularity in the mid-90s and only continues to grow in fame. To date, the Desert Eagle has appeared in around 500 movies and television shows, and countless video games. The more it appears in media, the more the gun seems to sell in real life.

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Why is the Desert Eagle so popular? It could partially be due to its unusually sleek design for a handgun. Most handguns use a short-recoil or blow-back system, which can make for tough aiming, but the Desert Eagle uses a gas-operated mechanism that significantly reduces the kick of the gun upon firing. To pay for this enormous benefit, the Desert Eagle is very large for a handgun, making it a little unwieldy and sometimes difficult to store in a gun belt.

  1. The Uzi

Video games in the line of Hitman like to make exaggerated use of this remarkable gun. The Uzi is one of the first machine gun pistols to ever hit the market. There are some very unique design features that set the Uzi apart. For instance, the telescoping bolt design makes room for the bullet magazine to actually be housed in the pistol grip. This makes for a shorter gun, because you don’t have to make extra room along the shaft for the magazine. This convenience gives the Uzi its intimidating, almost cross-like shape that keeps it among the most popular guns in video games. Anytime you see the bad guys standing around in black suits holding Uzis, you’re going to want to save your game before you approach them. Things are about to get ugly, fast.


  1. The AK-47

The AK-47 is the mother of all automatics. It’s no wonder you can practically always find it among the guns in video games of any combat style. Also known as the Kalashnikov—the surname of the gun’s Soviet inventor—the AK-47 is ridiculously popular in the real world as well. Of the 500 million firearms in existence in the world today, an estimated 100 million are part of the Kalashnikov family. That means that around one out of every five guns in the world is an AK-47. The original assault rifle, this gun may be even more common in real life than in video games.

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