5 Hidden Las Vegas Day Activities You Didn’t Know About

Most people just think of one or two things when they think of Las Vegas: poker and strip clubs. Maybe a couple swanky hotels, and you might think of a few of the other attractions. But many of these things are night activities, so what are you supposed to do during the day in Vegas? In fact, there are dozens of incredible Las Vegas day activities to keep you busy throughout your vacation.

Don the Gloves: MMA Boxing Gyms

Latin Boxers doing some training on a punching bag at a gym

There’s a whole tour where you can visit four legendary MMA boxing gyms and learn the fascinating history of the Fight Capital of the World. You get to meet some of the retired fighters who lived their glory years in the ring. Make sure you bring your camera, as you’ll get an exclusive look at some of the most historic boxing rings Vegas has to offer.

Race in a Corvette

corvette z06 on track

Among your Las Vegas day activities you’ll have to include the chance to race in a Corvette, and other super-fast sports cars. Step into the passenger seat of the luxurious and rip-roaring red Corvette, buckle up and watch the world fly by as the professional racer you’re paired with will take on other cars in speed trials. If you’ve got the need for speed, then there’s nothing like racing around in a Corvette.

The High Roller Observation Ride

The High Roller is an observation ride set right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s like a big ferris wheel, but with big pods that can fit forty people each. The pod slowly rides up to the top for a total run time of thirty minutes. At its peak, the High Roller scrapes the clouds at a height of 550 feet. From there you can see the whole of Las Vegas and even some incredible natural scenery like the beginning of the Grand Canyon and the desert. For the vantage point of a lifetime, hop on the High Roller.

Mojave Desert Machine Gun Range

While the sun’s still out you can wield the incredible firepower of fully automatic machine guns out in Nevada’s incomparable Mojave Desert. Why stay in the indoor gun range when you can wreck the peace and quiet of the expansive desert with the blast of gunfire?

Ride a Maverick Helicopter

Get a first-hand look at the sandy desert floor as sand flies in all directions under the heavy whoosh of Maverick helicopter propellers. Start your Las Vegas day activities with the once-in-a-lifetime chance to go up in a Maverick chopper and cruise over the Mojave Desert. Once you come back down you can put your finger on the trigger and blast away with some of your favorite machine guns.  

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