5 of the Wildest Las Vegas Birthday Party Packages

There are two ways to do a birthday party in Vegas. One way is to find a few cool spots and just show up, picking out what sounds best at the moment as you go. But that can get tiresome, and people will disagree on what’s the best activity to do. During a party, the last thing you want to deal with is disagreements and arguments. So the best route is to pick from one of MGV’s many Las Vegas birthday party packages to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Maverick Helicopters

Why only shoot off guns when you can also fly around in a military helicopter? No reason! At Machine Guns Vegas, you can start off your day at the range with a bang by having your whole crew hop into a Maverick chopper and watch the incredible Nevada landscape unwind beneath you. Soon you’ll pass over mind-bending sights like the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam, as well as remote sections of the Mojave Desert.

Exotics Racing

Car on a road full of dangerous bends

How many friends of yours are car lovers? Well there’s a big difference between being a car lover and actually getting behind the wheel of one of the road’s finest vehicles. Topping the heap of Las Vegas birthday party packages is the Exotics Racing package, which takes you from the thrill of the gun range straight into the driver’s seat of a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Now if that’s not a VIP package, then what is?

Hand Job

Silhouette of military soldier or officer with weapons at sunset

Just because you shoot a gun with one hand doesn’t mean it can’t blow you away. Get the full scope of the power of handguns, starting with the legendary Glock 17. And that’s only the beginning. Next comes the Colt 1911, followed by none other than the Ruger and then finishing off with the Desert Eagle. Find out firsthand why they calls these machines hand cannons during one of the most handy Las Vegas birthday party packages.

World at War

Love history or war video games? Well, it’s time to put down the controller and pick up the real guns. Fire off guns that are so powerful, they have changed the tide of history: the AK-47, Tommy Gun, and M1919 Browning.

Rock of Ages Package

It’s time to remember the good ol’ days. Put on your leather, a dust of black eyeliner, and get ready to have your world rocked like only the 80s can. The Rock of Ages Package is a killer one-two punch of loud and then louder: a spell at the machine gun range followed by an eardrum-popping performance that ranks among the top Las Vegas birthday party packages.

Machine Guns Vegas has a host of package deals to suit a variety of tastes. Find your favorite today.

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