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5 Reasons Why the Shotgun SPAS 12 Is the Most Badass Firearm

Some people are fine going to any old shooting range, firing a few rifles, and being done with it. But then there are those who have the bug: they need to shoot the rarest, most powerful guns they can find. But those can be hard to find, right? Well in Vegas, nothing is that hard to find, and for gun enthusiasts of all stripes, Machine Guns Vegas is the destination for the odd collector guns, such as the shotgun SPAS-12. This monster is known as one of the most badass firearms ever made, for so many reasons.


It’s Italian, Capisce?  

Is there anyone we can trust more than the Italians when it comes to fearsome guns? The Sicilian Mafia has given and taken many of the finest firearms money can buy, not the least of which is the shotgun SPAS-12. Made by the kinds of Italians who don’t take chances. Ever.

It’s the Standard Model for Videogame Shotguns

As it rose to popularity, the SPAS-12 quickly became the standard shotgun in a wide variety of combat video games. Since video games have no reason to hold back and reserve the wildest guns for another day, we can trust that the models we see in action games are probably going to be about the coolest thing we can find.

One of the First Guns Banned in the U.S.

When you set your eyes on the shotgun SPAS-12 you’ll probably catch yourself saying, “Can this thing be legal?” And you’re not the only one. Following the United States Federal Assault Weapons Ban in 1994, the shotgun SPAS-12 was tagged as an exorbitantly lethal gun. And this only makes it all the more appealing to gun gurus.

Versatility: Shoots Tear Gas and Bean Bags

There’s good reason the assume that the shotgun SPAS-12 can simply be used pretty effectively as a scare tactic. Once you pull out one of these babies, you’re probably going to get nothing but cooperation for miles around. This versatile shotgun has the ability to shoot tear gas and bean bags, so to used in non-lethal settings such as riots.

Some SPAS Models Have a Pistol Grip Safety

Is there anything cooler than a shotgun that looks like an enormous pistol? One very rare model of the shotgun SPAS-12 features a pistol grip safety, one of the highest-caliber guns to ever promote this feature. The slick look of this collector’s item is a gift straight from God to gun-lovers.

Intrigued? Come down to MGV and try the SPAS 12 for yourself.

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