5 Tips for Planning a Bachelor Party in Vegas

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The wedding date is coming up fast, and it’s time to take your friend out for the time of his life before the big day. Planning a bachelor party in Vegas can be stressful unless you know exactly what your friend likes to do. One surefire bet for a lights-out bachelor party is to start by pulling out the big guns—literally.

Include Shooting Guns

As your friend nears his wedding day, you want to give him a bachelor party that will rock his world and make him feel powerful. The easiest way to do that is to get him into the gun range. Machine Guns Vegas isn’t just any gun range either—it’s the place where you have access to some of the most rare vintage guns in history. This truly one-of-a-kind experience of power and prestige is just what the doctor ordered.

Find Activities With Girls Around

Certainly anything you do during a bachelor party is lacking unless there’s beautiful girls around. You can even find this at the gun range! Who wants to shoot alongside a bunch of other dudes? Machine Guns Vegas is stuffed with Gun Girls, experienced beauties who probably know more about guns than you. There’s nothing like shooting exotic guns in front of excitable girls. Planning a bachelor party in Vegas is simple when building around a visit to Machine Guns Vegas.

Look for Package Deals

For a wide variety of activities during the bachelor party look into special package deals. You can mix and match your trip to the gun range with musical theater or Cirque du Soleil or even the go-kart track. The party will really gain steam as you go from one exciting activity to another, and this whole process is simplified if you purchase a package deal that covers all your bases.

Include Outdoor Activities

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While planning a bachelor party in Vegas, you should include both indoor and outdoor activities. Luckily Vegas has many incredible natural wonders close by, such as the Grand Canyon. You don’t want to stay cooped up indoors for too long, so get out there to see some natural beauty. Also, you can supplement your trip to the gun range with a ride in a Maverick helicopter. Top off the rush of shooting off guns with flying around the desert in a military chopper.  

Always Seek Excitement

The main principle to keep in mind while planning a bachelor party in Vegas is that everything you do should be exciting. Whether it’s firing a belt-fed machine gun, shooting a Glock, seeing musical theater, flying around in a Maverick, or taking a horseback ride down the Grand Canyon, everything will be unforgettable. Cut out everything unnecessary in your plans and concentrate on the babes, the guns, and the Vegas shows.

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