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An Exhilarating Dune Buggy Ride in Las Vegas

People talk about the importance of pairing wine with certain dishes. But what about the importance of pairing the right activities during your Vegas weekend to maximize the thrills? At Machine Guns Vegas, this aspect hasn’t been overlooked, and you can be the judge of how well this pairing works with the Ultimate Dune Buggy Experience: pair dune buggy rides in Las Vegas with the epic fun of shooting badass guns at the top rated machine gun shooting range.

The Great Outdoors Volume One: Dune Buggies

If you’ve got a bug for the great outdoors, you might think a trip to Vegas will be a downer. But in fact, the most unsung thrill of Las Vegas is the incredible outdoor destinations surrounding the city. From Red Rock Canyon to the Valley of Fire to the Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon to the Mojave Desert, there’s enough to soak in for any type of nature-lover.

Mojave Desert Machine Guns Vegas

Passively looking around at the sights is worlds apart from experiencing nature first-hand. We’re talking about dune buggy rides in Las Vegas. Thanks to SunBuggy Las Vegas, you can go offroading across the rolling hills and sand dunes to your heart’s content. And then once you’ve had your fill of that, you can stop off at the machine guns range to get your hands dirty even more.


The Great Outdoors Volume Two: Machine Guns Vegas

It’s one thing to fire off big guns in the safety of an indoor range, but it’s a whole different thing to march out into the Mojave Desert to fill the sky with the sound of gunfire. Once you’re done with your dune buggy rides in Las Vegas, you get to stop in at Machine Guns Vegas, where you get to choose between a fantastic array of classic, infamous guns.


Feel the sand blowing over your feet as you steady your hand and get the perfect shot. Focus on the target as the sun hangs over the neverending sands of the Mojave. This is your Las Vegas: a place where the outdoors and powerful machines collide, and you’re standing at the center of it all.

Even if you’re a beginner to the shooting scene, that’s totally fine. At MGV, each person gets paired up with a safety instructor who will make sure you follow all the proper steps to stay safe as you’re navigating the dangerous and exciting world of machine guns. Don’t forget the additional company you’ll have along the way: the Gun Girls. You’ll have a blast fighting for the attention of these coy beauties as they pace the range looking for a hero.  

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