Explore Fun Activities at MGV During Las Vegas Market Convention Weekend

If you’re going to attend the huge Market Convention weekend, you’ll have to carve out some extra time to treat yourself to some fun activities in Las Vegas. All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy, so why not inject some excitement in your big weekend by shooting off some powerful firearms? You could just go to a conventional gun range, but this is Vegas! And since Vegas isn’t Vegas without good company, Machine Guns Vegas bolsters the thrill of gun play with a crew of lovely and friendly Gun Girls who will watch your every move.  

Get the Full VIP Experience


Machine Guns Vegas is like no experience at the gun range you’ve ever had. Instead of being in the company of a bunch of middle-aged men, you’ll feel like a real VIP with the help of alluring and knowledgeable Gun Girls.

Shooting off some rounds can be a very personal endeavor too, as you may need to blow off some steam and frustrations. For instance, if you’re recovering from a recent divorce, jump into the specialized “Just Divorced” package, where you can re-establish your confidence by firing off a 1919 mounted belt-fed machine gun. Obliterate the past and look to the future on this special occasion with fun activities in Las Vegas.

Beginners Welcome and Experienced Shooters Rewarded

You don’t have to be a professional gunsmith to take full advantage of the best attractions in Las Vegas. With a one-on-one safety guide to help you take the reins, you don’t have to hesitate while firing off these powerful firearms.


For those who already know their way around a machine gun, there some incredibly fun activities in Las Vegas for trying out new guns in a thrilling atmosphere. If you’re a long-time shooter, you know that the power and excitement of guns never get old. At Machine Guns Vegas, the thrill doesn’t stop there, as you’ll be surrounded by the strong, savvy Gun Girls throughout your experience.   

The Three Gun Experience

Why shoot one gun when you can shoot three? To get a wide variety of shooting experience, pick out your three favorites and fire away with these options: AK 47, HK MP5, M4, Glock 17, 1911, SCAR, KRISS, Tactical Shotgun, SIG P226. Make your Market Convention weekend unforgettable by getting the thrill and excitement of firing unique vintage guns in the company of safety professionals gorgeous Gun Girls. With the comfort and luxury of a high-class lounge, Machine Guns Vegas is the king of fun activities in Las Vegas.

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