My First Time On A Gun Range!

When I first started working for Machine Guns Vegas I had no idea what to think.  I’m not a gun enthusiast, nor am I opposed to guns, but I never thought I would be marketing a shooting experience. But I gave it a shot… No pun intended.

At first I thought, “Machine Guns Vegas…so, a typical dingy mom-and-pop gun range?” My assumptions could not have been more off. MGV is a high-end shooting facility built for and catering to tourists from all over the world. Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world with nearly forty million visitors per year, many of whom come from countries or states where guns are strictly prohibited. Being that Las Vegas is the entertainment city we have combined the Vegas club atmosphere with a high end shooting experience. So what does that mean?

Upon arrival at MGV, you are welcomed by beautiful, professional gun girls and ushered into MGV’s super high-end sports facility. The sleek wood floors, exposed brick, and professional sexiness catches you completely off guard — not to mention the trendy retail section sponsored by Oakley & Wounded Warrior. There is also a private VIP room with private lanes and a gorgeous lounge, which has hosted many of the celebrities who come to Vegas. MGV has a grand selection of shooting packages, from a Femme Fatal shooting experience, the Seal Team VI, to the Gamers experience, I had no idea where to start. So my gun girl assisted me in a package selection as I’ve shot a few shotguns on holiday with my dad. That nothing like what I was about to experience. With my limited background, I was slightly intimidated — until I was introduced to the range safety officer. My range safety officer introduced himself and detailed clearly the safety instructions. We went over what I was going to be shooting and my very limited experience. We then proceeded to get our ear and eye protection on. He was professional but personal, and I felt more at ease as we headed into the range.

There is an amazing intensity within the walls of MGV and it is captivating. I felt with each push of the trigger a release of adrenalin that I have never felt before. I was honestly shocked at how much fun I was having, and I think I even surprised my range safety officer, as timid and scared me was now thinking she was Lara Croft.  The Colt Commando was my absolute favorite — it was accurate and smooth, with limited kickback. If you get a chance, you should definitely try it! Machine Guns Vegas is the only Las Vegas gun range that doesn’t allow outside firearms onto the range, and it also doesn’t participate in the retail of firearms or ammo. This makes MGV the safest and most professional experience as it is highly controlled and built for people with all levels of experience.


  • Be comfortable and try and wear a cardigan or cover-up
  • Take your earrings out if your wearing dangly earrings
  • Take a video & pictures to look back – I had no idea I was smiling so big!

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