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Unbelievable Ways You Can Get Married in Vegas

The first hint that you’re not the type to have a traditional wedding is that you decided to get hitched in Vegas. There’s no better way to blow tradition out of the water than with a Vegas ceremony. Here are some wild and unforgettable ways of getting married in Las Vegas.


  1. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

There’s nothing more classic than getting hitched in Elvis-clad style. That’s right, you can still do the pink caddy Elvis-inspired wedding at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Just because it’s a classic Vegas wedding, it doesn’t mean your ceremony has to be pre-packaged. You have the option to personalize it in a variety of ways, especially by providing your own vows. Getting married in Las Vegas the Elvis way never loses its charm.

  1. Red Rock Canyon Wedding

If you thought Vegas was all about cruising the Strip, you’ve had a limited view of the possibilities. You can have a fabulous wedding out in the heart of Mother Nature: Red Rock Canyon. This beloved national park is famous for its picturesque views, serene environment, and wondrous beauty.


  1. Shotgun Wedding

If you’re getting married in Las Vegas, you’ll want to have a wedding location that blows people away…  Have your wedding Machine Guns Vegas. This wedding package includes a ceremony for up to 20 people in the VIP room, limousine transportation, chairs, a minister, a photographer including 15 photos, flowers, & a DVD of your special day. Once hitched the bride and groom head down to the VIP shooting lanes and fire off some epic guns. A pink M4 for the Bride & the Mp5 for the Groom!

Vegas Wedding Package

Inviting all your friends and loved ones to your wedding is a lot to ask. Sweeten the deal with a party before the big day. Rather than another stodgy, formal event, your wedding can be one to remember.
Machine Guns Vegas is more than just a gun range. It’s one of the few places where you can try your hand at rare and powerful guns of lore like the AK-47, M249 SAW and the Glock. Stop dreaming and sign your wedding party up to visit MGV in style. Your groomsmen will appreciate it, as they’ll be personally accompanied by the eager Gun Girls throughout their shooting experience. Get ready for a weekend you’ll never forget.   

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