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Unique Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

If you and your crew are headed to Vegas for your bachelor party, you landed on the right place.  God speed my friend because after your bachelor party weekend in Vegas you’ll need some recovery time from the future wifey. Or kick your hangover & plan on visiting Hangover Heaven where they cure your hangover in 45 minutes.  Did somebody say animal? YUP! You’re welcome! 

Your Vegas Bachelor party doesn’t have to be like the rest of the average bros that come to Vegas and party at expensive clubs with bottle service (That’s cool, but mix it up!). Be the true legend that you are, or honor the legend that is the groom and plan a diverse weekend that is equal parts badass & genius.

First, get in the zone. While planning the bachelor party it is important to keep the groom top of mind. Surprise him. Embarrass him. Gluttony shall be indulged in. Money will be spent. But it’s worth it. Bro-only weekends, sadly, will happen less frequently once he takes the plunge so make it one to remember.

Do Something Epic: Adventure Outdoor Shoot to the Mojave Desert

To kick your outdoor adventure in Las Vegas up to the next level, Machine Guns Vegas outfits you with five tannerite exploding targets. Ever wanted to blow up a car? Better yet why not blow up a taxicab? Now you can! These are just other ways to make the weekend even more memorable. There’s no way you’ll find tannerite targets at an indoor range, so we let you take advantage of the endless sky and sand by letting you shoot at targets that explode– or put in a special request, we can try and make it happen!  You’ll never forget the feeling and thrill of shooting off rounds that set off an explosion once you make contact. Browse outdoor shooting packages here.

blow a taxi up


What if you’re a beginner to shooting, and you’ve never fired guns outside before? Fear not. Machine Guns Vegas pairs you up with a Range Safety Officer. This is a personal touch MGV offers to help you be able to rest easy and enjoy the experience.  Even better than that, during your outdoor adventures in Las Vegas you’ll be in the prime company of the Gun Girls. 

The Brass & Ass Vegas Bachelor Party Experience: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! 

machine guns vegas-2

If you really want to make it a legendary night, try the granddaddy of all Vegas bachelor party packages: our Brass & Ass package. You’ll get to go wild with the M4, MP5, and SIG Sauer P226, then catch a classed out limo ride to Sapphire Las Vegas, one of the nation’s top rated gentlemen’s clubs. We’ll provide free cover to Sapphire, and your first drink is on us.


The Dirty Drifter


Celebrate the final moments of singleness with a bang—race an exotic supercar & shoot some crazy guns! Take your pick between the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550 and the Ferrari F430 F1 and then GO RAMBO at Machine Guns Vegas!  This king of Vegas bachelor party packages, sets you up with shooting The Revolver, The 1911, The Shotgun, & The Colt Commando. Good luck making the wrong choice here. 



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