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The Best Las Vegas Attractions for an Unforgettable Time with Your Girls

The time has finally come for that long-awaited girls’ vacation to Vegas. Time to pull out all the stops, cut out the fat, and just do what the girls wanna do. Contrary to popular opinion, the best Las Vegas attractions aren’t at all the ones you’ve heard so much about. Forget gambling and the big, showy Strip. You and your girls want a truly unique Vegas experience.

Tour a Shark Tank

People looking to marine life in aquarium

Do you ever really get enough of seeing sharks? Witness the quiet power, the grace, and prestige of a circling shark. The shark is that perfect symbol of incredible beauty coupled with incredible power hiding underneath. Just like you and your girls! Once you’re done admiring the sharks, hop on the three-story water slide for a fun daytime thrill.

The Femme Fatale Experience

The whole point of a girls’ vacation is to build each other up and remind each other that you’re powerful women who won’t be pushed around. There’s no better way to fight back against a tough man’s world than to get your hands on some serious heavy-duty guns. Among the best Las Vegas attractions is Machine Guns Vegas, where you can storm in and show the boys who’s boss.


The Femme Fatale Experience package consists of three incredible firearms: the M4, the HK MP5, and the Glock 17. From handling handguns to machine guns, you can prove to the world that you won’t be messed with. And if that’s not enough for you, tack on the M249 SAW, one of the sexiest sub-machine guns around.


Hiking in Red Rock Canyon

Many lists of the best Las Vegas attractions leave out many of the astonishing natural wonders around Vegas. For instance, did you know that you can do hiking in Vegas? Well it’s actually slightly outside of the city, but Red Rock Canyon is one of the gems of the Southwest and it isn’t too far away at all. Check out the unique rock formations and vivid colors of this incredible canyon for a great daytime hike before you get ready to hit the Strip again when night falls.


The PERFECT Girls’ Night Outback!

It wouldn’t be Sin City without a little sin…  Girls night will never be the same! Go for a cheeky night on the town with Vegas’s sexiest Aussies as they dance  across the Excalibur stage at The Thunder Down Under. You don’t have to be celebrating a bachelorette party to experience The Thunder Down Under. Let the thunder roll!


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