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3 of the Most Outrageous Las Vegas Birthday Party Ideas

If one of your best friends has a big birthday coming up, forget about all the classic birthday ideas. This time, it’s got to be special. Really special. Vegas special. Fill this year’s birthday celebrations with some things you can only do in Vegas. Ultimate Race & Fire Package at Machine Guns Vegas Sure, you’ve […]

The Most Thrilling Las Vegas Attractions for Adults

A trip to Las Vegas can be a paradise for adults. If you want to go on a family vacation, go to Hawaii or Disneyland; Las Vegas is the town for the kinds of excitement adults enjoy. There are a wide variety of Las Vegas attractions for adults that pack some serious heat, such as […]

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the M1919 Browning Machine Gun

If you’ve seen Apocalypse Now or The Full Metal Jacket then you probably noticed one especially fearsome gun all over the screen: the M1919 Browning machine gun. One of the most famous belt-fed machine guns is now available for you to shoot at Machine Guns Vegas. Learn everything you didn’t know about this infamous gun. […]

5 Tips for Planning a Bachelor Party in Vegas

The wedding date is coming up fast, and it’s time to take your friend out for the time of his life before the big day. Planning a bachelor party in Vegas can be stressful unless you know exactly what your friend likes to do. One surefire bet for a lights-out bachelor party is to start […]

Celebrate Big with These Birthday Party Packages in Las Vegas

Put away the balloons, streamers, and cheap cakes. This year you’re getting a real man’s birthday party. If you’re on the hunt for the most mind-blowing, high-powered birthday packages in Las Vegas, look no further than Machine Guns Vegas. The 3 Gun Experience At a great birthday, it’s all about choices; and all the choices […]